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Zbornik 8/2012 (Muzej primenjene umetnosti), strana 99-108

741.5.071.1 Hecl A.
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Rad se bavi strip-stvaralaštvom Aleksandra Hecla (1926–1991), ilustratora, strip-stvaraoca i slikara koji je ostao nepoznat zvaničnim akademskim krugovima. Iz opusa koji broji preko trista ilustracija, nekoliko stotina skica, crteža i slika, stripovi su izdvojeni zbog vrednosti i grafičke posebno

Ključne reči:
Aleksandar Hecl, stilizacija, strip, crtež

This paper explores comic book oeuvre of Aleksandar – Šaca Hecl (1926-1991), an illustrator, comic book artist and painter. Painting and visual arts have been Hecl's field of work for fifty years and he drew over three hundred illustrations for books, magazines, school text books, twenty comic books and hundreds of sketches and oil paintings. The emphasis is on comic books, which have been a starting point for discovering Hecl's oeuvre, due to their value and graphic uniqueness on national comic book scene.
Hecl's work that could have been accessed has been analyzed applying cultural and iconological method and has been divided into early period and later period. A specific drawing technique and gradual development of style towards more free drawing, stylized form and more free treatment of basic comic book elements are common characteristics of these two periods. Stylistically, Hecl's comic books follow the maintrends on the national comic book scene; in his later work he has been one of the heralds of a new comic book graphic style and his drawing technique has had a direct impact on younger artists.
Hecl's comic books, especially those from his later period, represent an important segment in the transition of domestic comic book from classical realism to new modern form. He was one of the most outstanding realists, but also one of the doyens of a new comic book technique of the 1970s and 1980s. His comic book oeuvre has yet to be analyzed thoroughly.
In a broader sense context, analyzing Hecl's work helps to develop understanding of comic book as an important art category and also of a need of its integration into and studying of in the framework of general historical and artistic tendencies.

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