самостални истраживач, Београд

„ПРЕСТОНИЦА КАРАЂОРЂЕВИЋА“: Емил Хопе и Ото Шентал на конкурсу за Генерални план Београда
”ROYAL CAPITAL OF THE KARAĐORĐEVIĆ DYNASTY”: Emil Hoppe and Otto Schönthal for the Master Plan of Belgrade Competition

Зборник 9/2013 (Музеј примењене уметности), страна 103-115

ид 203981580

Међународни конкурс спроведен од августа 1921. до марта 1922. године као основа за израду Генералног плана Београда, који је усвојен 1923. и одобрен 1924, често се помиње у текстовима који се баве развојем Београда у XX веку. Упркос томе, мало је писано о конкурсним радовима и њиховим ауторима. Том

Кључне речи:
Београд, историја, међународни урбанистички конкурс, урбанистичко планирање, Генерални план Београда 1923.

International competition held between August 1921 and March 1922, fundamental for designing the Master Plan of Belgrade, accepted in 1923 and approved in 1924, has been frequently mentioned in texts on development of Belgrade in the 20th century. However, it has not been written enough about the competition entries and their authors. This is due to the fact that most of the drawings of competition projects have not been preserved and that textual explanations have mostly been written in French or German. This paper describes one of the awarded projects, with a motto “Royal Capital of the Karađorđević Dynasty“, submitted by two architects from Vienna, Emil Hoppe (1876–1957) and Otto Schönthal (1878–1961). It analyses the original textual explanation and almost unknown drawing of their project. Through the analysis of Hoppe's and Schönthal's competition project and the review of the architects' professional engagement in Belgrade, we shed some light on some important unknown facts and consequent assumptions about international competition itself, competition projects and their authors. Consulting forgotten and little known international and Serbian sources, this paper contributes to the better understanding of urban and architectural development of Belgrade between two world wars and paves the way for future research in this field.

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