Faculty of Economics, Subotica, University of Novi Sad – Department of European Economics and Business


Journal 11/2015 (Museum of Applied Art), pages 27-35

Article category: scientific review


Abstract (original language):
U radu se ispituje pojam originalnosti, njegovo poreklo i različiti vidovi manifestovanja na polju stvaralaštva. Posebna pažnja se posvećuje problemu originalnosti na polju odevanja, te se tematizuje fenomen mode, i to više iz perspektive pomodara, nego modnog kreatora. Pregled istorijskog razvoja uslova

Key words: (original language)
originalnost, odevanje, moda, estetski izraz, stvaralaštvo, individualnost, autentičnost

The paper examines the concept of originality, its historical sources and the different forms of its manifestation in the field of creativity. Special attention is paid to the problem of originality in the field of clothing, so the phenomenon of fashion is treated, more from the perspective of a slicker than of a fashion designer. The overview of the development of historical conditions in the culture and society that preceded the rise of the value of originality should create assumptions for its understanding, i.e. of the reason for which this term has been imposed as one of the supreme values of the modern age. Originality is viewed in the light of the possibilities of aesthetic expression of the individual, which finds the means of identification in the manifestations of personal taste, but also the means for realization of its individuality, and authentic existence.

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