University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Economics, Subotica

ZANATSTVO I DIZAJN: od alternative do novih vidova stvaralaštva
CRAFTS AND DESIGN: From an Alternative to the New Forms of Creativity

Journal 10/2014 (Museum of Applied Art), pages 79-86


Abstract (original language):
Sa pojavom industrije zanatstvo je počelo da se smatra prevaziđenim vidom proizvodnje, izuzev povremenih pojava nostalgije za njegovim iščezlim vrednostima. Odnedavno je, međutim, oživelo interesovanje za zanatsku praksu, naročito s obzirom na mogućnost njenog povezivanja sa umetnošću i dizajnom, što

Key words: (original language)
zanatstvo, dizajn, umetnost, tehnologija, kultura, stvaralaštvo

With the advent of industry, crafts began to be regarded as outdated form of production, although the nostalgia for their vanished values emerged occasionally. However, recently the interest in craft practice has been reviving, particularly with regard to possible links with art and design, and it is followed by the multiplication of its practical and theoretical interpretation. Liberated from the clients’ demands and from the commitment that products should be immediately usable, modern craftsman is, by his status, closer to the artist, and by the opportunity to reach for the cutting-edge technology – to the designer. The new “craft ideal” provides a shelter to the creativity from the standardization of scientific and technical system and it contributes o the social cohesion through a different organization of the work process.

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