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DRAGOSLAV STOJANOVIC SIP (1920-1976) – A sketch for a portrait,
by Marijana Petrovic Raic, MAA curator, is a study exhibition for 2003. It will be held from 6 November 2003 to February 2003.



A sketch for a portrait of artist and applied artist Dragoslav Stojanovic Spa, professor of Theory of form at Faculty of applied arts, Belgrade, is but a beginning of the research of his extraordinary life and work. The unexplored work of D. S. Sip is a strong incentive to organize the exhibition and write a study, based on his legacy in The Museum of Applied Art, comprising of works in the field of applied and visual arts, which, according to the features of their style, point that the artist was inclined towards geometrical abstraction and stylization of the figure.

The Museum of Applied Art organized this retrospective exhibition 27 years upon the death of the artist, to refresh the memory of this outstanding personality, active at Serbian artistic scene in the second half of XX century. Selected works from this collection, works from the collection from Likovni susret gallery in Subotica and works from private collections present the artist’s opus from his early, young stage, objects from his period of studies, creative maturation and mature age.

Sip was an artist, or an alchemist, if we speak in metaphors, a researcher in a laboratory with a result which may not be as planned, but certainly an object of enjoyment as for the use of different media and freedom of the act of creation, which allows for the use of versatile languages of abstraction.

Abstraction was the starting point of Sip’s artistic determination, where from he easily shifted to geometry of figural stylization, at the same time keeping his selected path. He sometimes indulged in adventures and exploration of surreal, metaphysical, sometimes even constructivistic spaces. Analyzing and studying the anthological examples of the great artists of contemporary art, the artist created indigenous works of pure and applied prints, oil paintings and sculptures-pictures, which may be seen at this exhibition.


Composition 020462
Dragoslav Stojanović Sip, year 1962,
400 by 300 mm, linocut in color,
inventory number 21 274


Prateći program izložbe:

okrugli sto :
Dragoslav Stojanović Sip i modernističke institucije umetnosti i umetničkog obrazovanja

prof. dr Jerko Denegri,
prof. dr Milena Dragićević Šešić, rektor Univerziteta umetnosti,
prof. dr Miško Šuvaković,
prof. Aleksandar Pajvančić- Aleks, slikar-grafičar,
prof. Stjepan Fileki, slikar-grafičar;

Marijana Petrović Raić, autor izložbe.



predavanja u Muzeju primenjene umetnosti:
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Dragoslav Stojanović Sip – skica za portret (1920-1976) , Marijana Petrović Raić, autor izložbe.


Udruženje likovnih umetnika primenjenih umetnosti i dizajnera Srbije dodelilo je značajnu nagradu “ Pavle Vasić ” iz oblasti primenjene umetnosti i dizajna za 2003. godinu izložbi i publikovanoj studiji “ Dragoslav Stojanović Sip – Skica za portret ” Muzeja primenjene umetnosti.

Author of the exhibition: Marijana Petrović Raić