The Museum of Applied Art - Belgrade / 38 CHILDREN'S OCTOBER SALON
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Children’s October Salon, established in 1964, in a traditional manifestation of the Museum of Applied Art, and has ever since, with its activities in the field of applied arts and education, influenced generations of talented children, who, through exhibitions and creative programmes, started interacting with art, resulting in their works, kept in the Collection of children’s works within The Museum of Applied Art.

38 Children’s Salon will last from 23 October to 9 November 2003. Apart from usual exhibition of children’s works of art, the concept of this year’s exhibition includes a special educative programme. Students who exhibit their work and pupils visiting the exhibition according to a special schedule will participate in activities related to the topic Visual communications – Visual understanding.


As in previous years, 38 Children’s Salon collected the works through a competition, featuring works of children from Serbia and Montenegro, works of children from International school Belgrade, other foreign schools (German, French, Russian) and works of children from the most prominent arts workshops.


NThe exhibition also presents works of children aged 5-15 related to all fields of applied arts, with an emphasis on the works related to visual communications (posters, illustrated magazines, comics, commercials, photographs, film, video, TV, computer arts).

The educational programme of the exhibition relates to visual communication and was conceived in cooperation with teachers and pupils of School for children with special needs “Stefan Decanski” Belgrade, expertly assisted by Ana Zunjic, the school psychologist. Specific features of visual language and communication used by pupils with impaired hearing served as a base for games and exploration.


Arts pedagogues Vesna Ciric, Divna Dmitrovic, Ksenija Todorovic and others took part in the programme.

The curator of the exhibition and the programme is Angelina Folgic-Korjak, MAA curator.