The Museum of Applied Art - Belgrade / 25 SALON OF ARCHITECTURE
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25 SALON OF ARCHITECTURE is a traditional manifestation of the Museum, held from 27 February to 23 March 2003. The 25 Salon of Architecture of the Museum of Applied Art had a jubilee character, which marked the end of the young age of the manifestation, and presented its "coming of age". The symbolic character of the jubilee was especially pronounced having in mind the forthcoming 30 anniversary of the Museum.

In the catalogue of the 25 Salon of Architecture, Ljiljana Miletic Abramovic, MA, the author of the exhibition concept and the catalogue said: “The Salon, as a manifestation, is aimed at preserving its original character of a spectacular exhibition of architectural projects, but also at being interpreted in a scientific and museological manner, with an archive and documentary base. In this context, the concise retrospective, as a small segment of the 25 Salon, is an attempt to evaluate and perceive contemporary architecture in order to overcome the ephemerality of the term “current production”, and that architecture, still remaining in the sphere of technology and business, become incorporated in the cultural corpse of arts history.”

The exhibition featured presentation of 140 works of 180 authors, belonging to all the categories of architecture, urban planning, interior decoration, architectural heritage and related literature. Most of the works were from the field of architecture, followed by urban planning and interior decoration. A number of quality students’ works was also singled out.

25 th Salon of Architecture Grand Prix was granted to the architect Vasilije Milunović for the business center MPC in New Belgrade.

Curator of the exhibition: Ljiljana Miletić Abramović MA, Museum Advisor