The Museum of Applied Art - Belgrade / MIRKO LOVRIC, EXHIBITION OF PHOTOGRAPS
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 In June 2003, The Museum of Applied Art hosted the exhibition of Mirko Lovric, artistic photographer from Belgrade. Mirko Lovric had his first exhibition, entitled Gigantography, in 1972. Marijana Petrovic Raic, curator from the Department for contemporary applied art of The Museum of Applied Art, was the author of the exhibition, where the artist exhibited his works belonging to his early stage (1960s and 1970s), as well as his most recent works, dated 1999-2003.

The works were exhibited in three segments::

  1. Monumental stage (late 1960s and early 1970s, Gigantography, 1972);
  2. Works with apocalyptic contents, concentrated in the fragmented forms of collage (late 1990s);
  3. Photogramic presentation of the disappearing natural environment (photograms dated 2003).




Leading the thematic thread through three segments of the artist’s ample scope defined the conceptual basis Lovric has been developing within his creative system, while the method of comparative perception of the contents and technical solutions help understand his choice of motives and their realization.

M. P. Raic said: “This exhibition will certainly cause great interest thanks to the exceptional techniques of photography, as well as the very methods and techniques of surrealistic sandwich-photographs, photo-collages and photograms, which, due to their confirmed value, should not give way to the penetrating discoveries of digital photography, and be forgotten by the application of the new media”.

Exhibition curator: Marijana Petrović Raić