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“Silence to Go”

10 - 17 March 2017

Opening Ceremony with Awards Presentation:
Friday, 10th March, 2017 at 6 p.m.

“Drvo Art” Technical School, Belgrade and Museum of Applied Art

About exhibition

“Silence to Go” is the topic of the latest, ninth international creative workshop “Dizajn igralište – Design Playground“ of the “Drvo Art” (meaning Wood Art) Technical School. This extraordinary title hides the products that serve as soundproofing insulation in public and work areas. Along with the host school, the workshop will be attended by secondary school pupils from partner schools from the European Union and Belgrade design schools. The workshop will be held at the School premises in the period from 6th to 10th March, 2017. During the workshop, participants will make prototypes of “silence” under the supervision of their tutors. This time, participants in the workshop will have an opportunity to try themselves in combining traditional and new materials, i.e. wood and Rauvolet tracks.

Privacy, acoustic regulation and noise reduction in public spaces and work environments are the most challenging topics of contemporary design, which was a good enough reason for the school organizer to place such a complex task before the participants in this creative workshop. On the first day, participants will present their conceptual designs, and until the end of the week, they will be working on prototypes of “silence” for which they have found inspiration in old phone booths, shells, tulips, geometric shapes, symbols of social networks... and even in dangerous animals such as cobras. The material known as Rauvolet tracks, made from a special type of plastic, with perforations all over their surface, which contain sound-absorbing fibre material in their chambers, contributes to sound absorption. They have been rarely used on our market, and for this occasion, they have been donated by the German company Rehau, with which the School has been cooperating for four years already.

In the final stage of this workshop, a mutual exhibition will be organised and held at “Žad“ Gallery. The Museum of Applied Art is one of the institutions that have been providing support to the School in the realisation of this creative and innovative educational programme for many years now.