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Rade Pejović’s Exhibition


16 – 30 May 2017

Opening ceremony: Tuesday, 16 May, 7 PM

Author of the exhibition: Rade Pejović

Mentor: Ivana Veljović Professor, Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade

About exhibition

The exhibition (In)Visible by Rade Pejović is a result of the author's explorations; it is an experimental project carried out in the framework of PhD studies at the Department of Applied Arts and Design of the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade. The aim of the exhibition is to show the complex design process of upgrading the surface of leather, as the base material, using thermochromic paint. In the process of applying paint onto leather, modern methods and innovative technologies are used with particular reference to the construction of the boundary phase surface / paint coat.

The exhibition catalogue highlights that: "The exhibited works ‘actualize’ leather in the context of the proliferation of new materials and confirm its value by upgrading it with thermochromic paint, which makes it a ‘smart’ material. They demonstrate the ability of design to stimulate the creative awakening of human senses and open up opportunities for further research into the application of leather with inbuilt thermochromic sensors. The works encourage the discussion about the nature and functionality of materials and their interaction with the environment in a dynamic interplay of form, function and technology."

Nowadays, science and technology not only develop new materials and media but also help us understand and use them in ‘new design’. The application of smart materials already has already found its place. These materials can be adjusted to react to various parameters of interaction and change depending on the designed path of their utilization values. Rade Pejović identified these processes and he treats leather as the main material with a possible future use in interior design…or fashion. This exhibition demonstrates that he is on the right track.