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Opening night and awards presentation ceremony: Wednesday, 29th March, 2017 at 7 p.m.

Salon curator and catalogue editor: Ljiljana Miletić Abramović, MA, Curator at the Architecture Department and Acting Director of the Museum of Applied Art

Organised by: Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade

About exhibition

In Reality!... is the motto of the 39th Salon of Architecture which will be held at the Museum of Applied Art from 29th March until 30th April, 2017. Every spring for over forty years, the Salon of Architecture, being a top-notch and popular architectural event, has traditionally been gathering numerous architects from Serbia, region and abroad at the Museum galleries. At the same time, the Salon draws the attention of the public to the significance and influence of architecture on the quality of life of the modern society.

This year's 39th Salon of Architecture is thematised by the issue of spatial relation between an architect, as a creator, and a phenomenon – reality, as the current impossibility in relation to the current state of affairs in the World – here and now. In recent decades much attention has been directed towards spectacular in architecture, and much less to the needs of society in relation to engaged and necessary solutions. The crisis of architecture’s modernity may, in different ways, be considered the discipline’s prevailing state relating to which an architect actually forms his/her personal attitude towards his/her own occupation and patiently creates architecture still pursuing its true values. In the reality of its coming into being, architecture implies a process and collaboration, problem-solving, articulation of complex ideas, data processing and limitations, presentation and representation, experimentation and innovation, negotiating skill and strategy, and a variety of other tasks. And all of us who call ourselves architects and who care for architecture must fight for architecture, because there is no one else to do so. This is our reality.

Two hundred and thirty-three works have been nominated for the exhibition of the 39th Salon in all categories. The Jury has decided that 112 works deserved to be included in the official selection, out of which 77 works, classified in 6 categories, are eligible for awards (competition and students’ works will be exhibited out of the category for awards).

The Jury of the 39th Salon of Architecture, consisting of the distinguished national and international experts – Duško Filipovski, Miroljub Stanković, Nenad A. Stjepanović, Irena Videnov and Maruša Zorec – will award the Grand Prix of the Salon, prizes, acknowledgements and honours per categories.

Photographs of the Jury of 39th Salon of Architecture

Author of the photographs: Dejan Sandić