Woman, War and Poster: 1914-1918
24 February – 19 March 2016

Opening ceremony: Wednesday, 24 February at 7 pm
The exhibition’s opening will be preceded by a "protest march" of women, who will walk through Knez Mihailova Street, dressed in costumes from the beginning of the previous century and holding signs with messages of fight for women’s rights, headed by the actress Gorica Popović.
Opening speech: Gorica Popović and Vladimir Čeh.

Author of the Exhibition: Vladimir Čeh

Organisers: Institute for the History of Advertisement and the Museum of Applied Art.

Free admission

The exhibition "Woman, War and Poster: 1914-1918" represents a sequel to the exhibition "War and Poster: 1914-1918", which was held at the Museum of Applied Art to mark the centenary of the start of the World War I (November 2014 – February 2015). This exhibition consists of 82 posters.

The leading role on the posters from the Library of Congress in Washington, the Imperial War Museum in London, the State Central Museum of Contemporary History in Moscow, the Canadian Museum of the World War I in Ottawa and the National Library in Belgrade is played by – the woman.

The figure of a woman, as a motif, appears on posters in two versions, depending on who the message is addressed to and who the target group is. The woman represents a symbol when the message is addressed to men, or she is an actor, a participator in the event when the message is addressed to women. Therefore, the posters at the exhibition are presented in the same manner, according to the "gender" of the target group: men are associated with the topics such as the state, the victim and the mother, whereas women are associated with – the housewife, the working woman, the woman volunteer and the woman worrier.

Photographs from the opening ceremony
Author of the photographs: Veselin Milunović
Woman, War and Poster: 1914-1918