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Book - Art object 3
For the Future

18 – 26 November 2016

Gala Opening: Friday, November 18th, 2016 at 19h

Author of the exhibition and the catalogue: Snežana Skoko

Production: Punctum for Art Experiment and Museum of Applied Art Belgrade

A book is something that requires both imagination and tactility. To grasp its content you have to touch it, and with all your knowledge and imagination you have to follow the letters, words, sentences… But what happens when the there are no letters? When there is only a shape which you habitually expect to tell you something, a story perhaps? What is the message when the experience is only visual, when there are no letters whatsoever? Which language do we speak then? Does the familiar shape alone have the power to establish universal communication?

This project is an attempt at entering a new sphere of “reading“. Characteristically, it does not treat the content of the book as a starting point for interpretation. Instead it perceives and presents the book as an art object which affects with visual means and signs the perception of the “reader“, opening space for him to grasp and work out the content on his own terms.

2008, Darka Radosavljević, art historian

About exhibition

Since 2008 Punctum for Art Experiment has been organizing the international event, quadrennial exhibition Book – Art Object with an aim to advance and acknowledge the art discipline dedicated to books as art objects with an appropriate place and significance at the art scenes in Serbia.

As part of this year’s project “Book – Art Object 3“ an international exhibition titled “For the Future“ is on display in the Gallery ŽAD of the Museum of Applied Art, including works of sixty artists from Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Finland, England, Poland and other European countries. The accompanying exhibition in the Legacy of Petar Lubarda presents works of the students of Textile and Fashion Design at the University of Ljubljana and students of Art Faculties and Faculty of Architecture from Belgrade, as well as students of the School of Design in Belgrade.

A selection of works from these two exhibitions will be shown in the French Center for students studies (CRUE) at the Belgrade University Library “Svetozar Marković” from 29.11.2016 to 08.12.2016.