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Slavimir Stojanović
Complicate Simply

3 - 28 September 2015

Opening Ceremony: Thursday, September 3, 2015, at 19:00 h, MPU

Curator of the Exhibition: Slobodan Jovanović, curator of Department for Contemporary Applied Art of MAA

Organizer: Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade

About exhibition

The retrospective exhibition of works by Slavimir Stojanović, eminent graphic designer, visual artist and founder of the lifestyle brand Futro is organized by Museum of Applied Art to celebrate 30 years of visual communications of one of our most prominent graphic designers. The exhibition comprises his earliest childhood drawings, posters, cartoons, illustrations, logotypes, magazines, record jackets and sleeves, awarded projects for big international companies, as well as the presentation of Futro collection with its dominant urban humor.

In the Catalogue of the Exhibition, its curator Slobodan Jovanović remarked that “Slavimir handles the vocabulary of the mass communications, in order to, in accordance to the maxim „Complicate Simply“, enrich that vocabulary with ironic or cynical distance, often with not so small dosage of auto irony, as can be seen in video clip à la Andy Kaufman – „Slavimir Futro Dance I“.

The Exhibition titled „Complicate Simply“ will be accompanied by more than 100 short films, Stojanović's animated projects.

Slavimir Stojanović was born in 1969, and showed interest in design very early. He started to do illustrations, caricatures and cartoons already at grade school, and he realized his first printed poster when he was 16 years old. He studied Graphic Communications at The Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade, specialized at The High Scool of Design in Göteborg and at The Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana.

He worked as creative director in numerous agencies in Serbia and Slovenia, his projects won more than 300 international and domestic awards and prizes, and in 2001 he was listed in Taschen's compilation of the most influential graphic designers of the world, Contemporary Graphic Design.

Among the most famous Stojanović's exhibitions in Belgrade were „Fenoman“ in 2003, „Future Retro“ in 2007, „Stories“ in 2009 and „You Are An Idiot, Please Act Accordingly“ in 2013.

From the exhibition catalogue

In the creative endeavors of Slavimir Stojanović one can notice the intent to create designer work that will embrace the complexity of idea he is to present, as well as of the world we live in, which is symbolized by his creative maxim Complicate Simply, and all that with utter simplicity, that is, using minimum of visual means. Slavimir respects the wishes of commissioners of projects for complex but easily recognizable designer solutions, or he realizes his own projects within his brand “Futro” with a necessary dosage of pun, irony or auto-irony.

At Dragan Sakan’s invitation, he worked as regional art director for marketing agency “S Team Bates Saatchi & Saatchi Belgrade”. In “Saatchi”, he gained the opportunity to express himself in various artistic disciplines: writing texts, designing advertisements, making illustrations for them or taking photographs.

During his engagement at “Saatchi” Slavimir built a universal visual sense of humor with his “graphic anegdotes”. His refined visual language in designer works without textual narrative became especially appreciated.

In later works he turned to dialogue with regular consumer of the today’s uniform system of mass communication, with a man who is not sure about what does the world of marketing have to do with his own life and attitudes. Acting from the insider’s position, Slavimir takes the position of critic of the world of mass communications, and his works take on an iconic status in the world of marketing filled with production of various visual systems of instilling desire into individual beholder/consumer.

Slobodan Jovanović

Photographs from the opening ceremony

Author of the photographs: Veselin Milunović

Slavimir Stojanović - Complicate Simply