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„Mihailo S. Petrov: A Gift of Art“
From the collection donated to the National Museum in Arandjelovac
8 - 31 August 2013
Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade

Opening night: Thursday, 8th August 2013 at 8 pm

The exhibition will be opened by: Prof. Dr Irina Subotić, Art Historian
Author of the exhibition: Tanja Vićentić, curator to the National Museum, Arandjelovac
Organizers: The National Museum, Arandjelovac and the Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade

The visiting exhibition “Mihailo S. Petrov: A Gift of Art” comes from the Arandjelovac National Museum. It consists of distinguished artist’s pieces from the donated collection which the Museum established in 2011. Thematic interpretation of works of art and other items from the collection makes the basis of the ““Mihailo S. Petrov: A Gift of Art” exhibition while its structure follows the dominant wholes and ideas of the artist’s opus. Numerous visual-aesthetic analyses of the opus of Mihailo Petrov, accomplished in the past decades, became an integral part of the modern art history and they were not the basic goal of the exhibition.

Exhibition consists of 54 works of art, mostly graphics (including several drawings the felt- tip-pen ones being most interesting, a water colour and oil on cardboard). In addition to mainly graphic works of Mihailo Petrov, the artist’s personal possessions make an exclusive part of the event (cameras, personal notes, graphic tools, photographs, phonograph records….)

The works are divided into the following thematic wholes:

  • Self-portraits
  • Avant-garde graphics from 1920s
  • Landscapes and portraits
  • Portraits of “Miner – Shock Worker”
  • Abstract graphics from the last creative period of the artist

According to Tanja Vićentić, the author of the exhibition „....use of the contextual approach helped put into perspective the most important creations from the rich artistic opus of the impressive person and in the same time within this frame to define the place and significance of the works from the collection kept in the Museum in Arandjelovac. That was the reason for deliberate disturbing the relation between the catalogue and the exhibition otherwise functioning as equal segments of a whole.“

Biographical note:

Mihailo Petrov (1902-1983) was Serbian graphic artist, painter, illustrator, poet and critic, professor. He also designed books, posters and engaged in typography. He began his artistic education at the Art School in Belgrade (1919-1921) to continue it in Vienna (1922), Krakow (1923) and Paris (1924-1925). He was one of the most active collaborators of the “Zenit” review and developed cooperation with other avant-garde magazines and reviews of his time (“Dada Tank”, “ Út”).

Photographs from the opening ceremony (Miloš Jurišić)
Author of the exhibition: Tanja Vićentić, curator to the National Museum, Arandjelovac