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A Woman Artist
New Subjects and Ideas in Serbian Ceramics after 2000

6 November 2012 – 31 January 2013

Exhibition Author: Biljana Vukotić, Senior Curator, Department of Contemporary Applied Arts

Over the last several years, the contemporary ceramic scene has been defined by the appearance of male/female artists who managed to build exceptional, almost enviable, careers and become unavoidable points of reference in many exhibitions, not only in Serbia, but also in wider regional and international contexts.

Biljana Milenović

This fact could be explained by creative activity of the male/female artists who became aware of the importance of new technologies and media in the context of the contemporary art. Their activities, and also their individual bold, radical and artistically mature works, represent a considerable contribution to the revival of our artistic setting.

Jasmina Pejčić

The exhibition New Subjects and Ideas in Serbian Ceramics After 2000. A WOMAN ARTIST, maps the multimedia practices of the selected female artists: Larisa Ackov, Nataša Vasilić, Slađana Danojević, Jovanka Filipović, Biljana Milenović, Katica Pavelka Vukajlović, Jasmina Pejčić, Biljana Lana Rakanović, Valentina Savić, Vesna Šaula.

Jovana Filipović
Katica Pavelka Vukajlović
Lana Rakanović
Vesna Šaula
Larisa Ackov

The author Biljana Vukotić wrote in the exhibition catalog:”The goal of this exhibition is not to offer an overall review of contemporary Serbian studio ceramics, even taken in the narrow sense of the term, limited to the middle and the younger generations of female artists, but to select and critically analyze the positions of individual authors who stand out with their abilities to pass from one medium to another, showing the priority of concept, of formal construction of works, showing the superb capabilities and artisanship in working with their materials.

Nataša Vasilić, Jovana Filipović

This exhibition comprises exciting and original socially responsible, engaged works that, at the same time, represent rare phenomena in this medium in our culture. The emblematic field of the engaged ceramics is new, writings about it are rare and generally not accessible because exhibitions of the contemporary male/female artists are often published only in modest catalogues/leaflets of limited distribution and durability.

Nataša Vasilić
Slađana Danojević
Valentina Savić
Exhibition Author: Biljana Vukotić, Senior Curator, Department of Contemporary Applied Arts