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Exhibition of the "škart" group

"škart: halftime"

9 - 26 October 2012
Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade

Exhibition curator: Slobodan Jovanović, Curator, Department of Contemporary Applied Arts

Over the last twenty years, Đorđe Balmazović (Žole) and Dragan Protić (Prota) have been the core of the "škart" group, with occasional participation in it of various artists, colleagues, friends, artisans or amateur poets. Their art originated from the borderlines between activism, poetry, music, architecture, fine and applied arts. Their poetics is founded on surrealist and situationist concepts of waste, humor and individual freedom. The wide scope of their activities allows the members of this group something that can be defined as the "social production of space", that is, the unique influence on the society in which they operate, either within the art system or completely outside of it. Their actions in urban settings, as well as in the remote areas, show courage and invention, spiced with some lucidity and activist humor that are the main components of this collective's aspirations to deal with the up-to-date questions, that constantly arise in the contemporary society, in humorous and analytical ways. The collaboration, play and tolerance are the main characteristics of the artistic credo of the "škart" group that is presenting the retrospective of its less known works in the Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade. At the exhibition titled škart: halftime we are offered a chance to see some works that had never been shown in Belgrade, as well as some of the almost forgotten ones.

The activity of the "škart" group during the 1990's moved from book design to performance and actions: from the participation at festivals of poetry in Yugoslavia, the performances of the architectural hymn Armature, the distribution of the "applied poetry" such as Sadnesses, Additional Survival Coupons, and the project Your Shit – Your Responsibility at green markets, in the streets, and in front of supermarkets, and similar. At the beginning of the 21st century, the members of the "škart" group engaged single mothers in creation of a series of embroideries titled The New "Cooks" Embroidery, they organized an open music collective for the tone-deaf and those in tune, "Choircheškart", and an experimental music collective "Rehearsal". Over the past few years, they have been engaged in organizing the training in active poetry, Poetrying, they created the architecture of the imbalanced seesaws and walkers mobiplants, ending with the "artistic occupation" of museums in Ho(me)museum.

The exhibition škart: halftime in Museum of Applied Art features an overview of these activities of the Group. In addition, the "škart" is organizing workshops and a single day participation of the groups that are collaborating with them: "Elektrana" (Pančevo), "AKTO" (Bitolj, Macedonia), "Radionica 301", "Karkatag", "Iglene uši" (Belgrade).

More about the "škart" group can be viewed on the website www.skart.rs
Exhibition curator: Slobodan Jovanović, Curator, Department of Contemporary Applied Arts, Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade