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Interactive installation


7 – 21 September 2011
Opening Ceremony: Wednesday, 7 September, 7 pm

The exhibition will be opened by Dr. Stahl Stenslie, professor at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design
Author of the exhibition: Predrag Nikolić

Interactive installation "Art Machine: MindCatcher" is a doctor's degree art project of Predrag Nikolić, MA. The project was realised under the mentorship of Dr. Stahl Stenslie, professor at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design and co-mentorship of Professor Čedomir Vasić, University of Arts in Belgrade. This is an international project and the only one of the kind currently carried out in Serbia.

On the art project:

Interactive installation "Art Machine: MindCatcher" represents an art machine designed to lure the visitors into a personal and collaborative creative act. Virtual audio-visual sentences serve as creative media.

The project is designed to explore the relationship between emotions and behaviour towards creativity. The background of the project is both artistic and research-oriented. In the process various psychological and philosophical aspects are explored, such as limitations, errors, curiosity, understanding, meanings, reactions, perception.

Visitors are exposed to audio, visual and tactile experience. The question to be answered is what the effect of such multimedia interactive contents is on emotional and creative processes and whether there exists correlation between certain phases of behaviour.

Installation infrastructure is fascinating since there were 1100 m of wires, 37 interactive fields, 222 lamps (LED) etc… used in its setting.

In a broader sense, the installation offers comments on changes in the present-day use of knowledge, perception and communication. From contemplative to informative, from the ancient and renaissance focusing on the nature to mere contemporary interpretations, interpretability, virtual friends society, communication limited on 120 characters and copy-paste culture.

On the author:

Predrag Nikolić is currently employed as senior lecturer at the Faculty of Digital Art, Metropolitan University in Belgrade, lecturing on Interactive Media and Web Design. This is his second artistic-research project and the first exploring real interactive spaces and behaviour of visitors in them. So far he established cooperation with the University of Arts in Tokyo and Aalto University Media Lab in Helsinki in the status of PhD exterior researcher.

Predrag Nikolić
Nikola Damjanov
Bratislav Vidanović
Marko Jovanović
Matija Mrkaić
Boban Stjepanović

For more information on development and details of the project, please look up www.themindcatcher.com

Interactive installation "Art Machine: MindCatcher"

First test with Arudino and Processing

Author of the exhibition: Predrag Nikolić
Exhibition curator: Slobodan Jovanović, Curator, Department of Contemporary Applied Arts