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Retrospective exhibition of contemporary artistic ceramics from the Collection of the National Museum in Arandjelovac


4 - 25 August 2011
Opening ceremony: Thursday, 4th of August 2011 at 7 p.m.
Author of the exhibition: Tanja Vićentić, curator, National Museum in Arandjelovac
Curator of the exhibition: Biljana Vukotić, senior curator, Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade

Paula Kaasinen
Kolin Pirson
The exhibition "IN THE WORLD OF CERAMICS" will be first displayed in the Museum of Applied Art and later it will visit other towns in Serbia.

As the author of the exhibition Tanja Vićentić wrote in the catalogue the collection of contemporary artistic ceramics of the National Museum in Arandjelovac originated from the international festival "World of Ceramics" within the frames of the internationally renowned multimedia manifestation "Marble and Sounds". Ever since the first Symposium held in 1974 and spanning the thirty six years period there have been works created in ceramic medium which made this collection particularly significant and valuable. There will be displayed at the exhibition about 70 works created during these manifestations by Serbian, Yugoslav and world-known artists.

The exhibition is a retrospective one and offers insight into the collection of artistic ceramics of the National Museum in Arandjelovac as a complex whole within the frames of clearly defined concept. Works selected are not to represent only the most representative and in terms of esthetic criteria best works but also to include those achievements which were important links in creative stages of important artists as well as works which are particularly interesting for their technical and technological solutions and represent different attitudes towards expression in ceramic medium.

New encounter with works in this exquisite collection resulting from the symposia "The World of Ceramics" is a look back and now, with certain historical distance it would provide new opportunities for a more comprehensive survey of significant achievements of authors as well as of the manifestation itself.

Biljana Vukotić, curator at the MAA and consultant to the exhibition said that on one hand the collection documents the gradual change of interest of the artists from small utilitarian ceramics over inspiration by traditional ceramics to mastering modern visual expression. In addition to the presence of all ceramic techniques the attention in the last decades of the twentieth century was focused on explorations of the material and of the form. This period is marked by first multimedia explorations. Their complex achievements are illustrated in the works of younger generation of artist in the very beginning of the twenty first century.

On the other hand, works of certain artist created within the International Symposium The World of Ceramics in Arandjelovac and which today constitute the Museum's collection prove that their participation in the Symposium was a real reversal of their opus. It revealed to them new strength, new potentials, incited new visions.

Velimir Vukićević Stariji

Mirjana Isaković

Božena Štih-Balen

Edit Merle

Delia Prvački

Nadežda Aksentijević

Larisa Ackov

Dobromir Georgijev

Nemanja Nikolić

Velja Vukićević

Biljana Milenović

Branislav Spasojčević

Antonija Dragutinović

Biljana Lana Rakanović

Evgenija Portnoj

Lana Tikveša

Nebojša Stojković

Olgica Jelić Kucina

Valentina Savić
Author of the exhibition: Tanja Vićentić, National Museum in Arandjelovac
Curator of the exhibition: Biljana Vukotić, Senior Curator, Department of Contemporary Applied Arts, Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade