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Workshop of "Drvo Art" Trade School and of schools from the European Union

Design Playground

Exhibition in Jade Gallery of Museum of Applied Art
11 - 20 March 2011

Opening Ceremony, March 11 at 6 pm
Ms Ana Danilović, Vice-President of Municipality of Stari Grad, will open the exhibition and distribute the awards
Creative Belgrade international workshop "Design Playground" will, for the third time in a row, assemble students from secondary schools from Hungary, Italy and Bulgaria that will, together with their hosts, the students of "Drvo Art" Trade School, create pieces in response to this year's topic, "Sitting to go".

The aim of this long-standing successful cooperation is the exchange of experiences of both students and their teachers from Serbia with their colleagues from the European Union, as well as promotion and closer convergence of Belgrade and Serbia to young people from Europe. From the huge creative energy, which springs up during each such encounter the idea, was born that such gatherings in our city should become traditional.

The School had already organized the international creative workshop under the same title twice and it achieved a success that brought it awards by economic sector, such as the Belgrade International Fair of Furniture Diploma for the Advancement of Practical Instruction (2009) and the Special Prize for Innovative Instruction (2010). The student works, created during the workshop, were displayed at many important design manifestations such as "Belgrade Design Week", "Mixer Expo Design", "Mikser", International Fair of Furniture, exhibitions held in Children's Cultural Center and in many other festivals such as "Jevremova ulica susreta (Gospodar-Jevremova Street of Encounters)", "Serbia Open", "Dani Vračara (Days of Vračar Municipality)", or "Europe Day".

The participants at this year's "Design Playground" Exhibition will be students from The School of Design from Belgrade, Roth Gyula Gyakolo szakkozepisola es kollegium from Sopron (Hungary), IPSIA Brugnera from Brugnera (Italy), Nacionalna gimnaziя za priložni izkustva "Trevnenska škola" from Travna (Bulgaria) and "Drvo Art" Trade School from Belgrade.

The works will be presented to the public as an exhibition in Jade Gallery of Museum of Applied Art.

This creative collaboration greatly contributes to the quality education and to the formation of our future wood specialists. Museum of Applied Art supports wholeheartedly this activity of "Drvo Art" Trade School as well as the international cooperation of schools with similar orientations, initiated by "Drvo Art".
Exhibition curator: Milica Cukić MA, Museum Advisor, Head of Department of Arts, Department of Public Relations