. : 42nd MAY EXHIBITION : .

Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia – ULUPUDS is staging


HARMONY or aspiration to it

7 – 28 May 2010
Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade


Follow-up manifestations:

Winner of the Grand Award of the 41st May Exhibition - The Light
Museum of Applied Art, 7 – 28 May 2010

Jade Gallery, Museum of Applied Art

  • Tuesday, 11 May at 5 pm
    Ivan R. Marković, Eurhythmy of the Beautiful and New Citations
    lecture / presentations
  • Wednesday, 12 May at 6 pm
    Introductory lecture and resentation of the project - ALL INCLUSIVE SARAJEVO
    lecture / presentations
  • Thursday, 13 May at 6 pm
    Bojan Bojanić, Ornament is no crime after all (...?)
    lecture / presentations
  • Friday, 14 May from noon till 7 pm, presentations by author at 4.30 pm
    Tamara Ognjević, LONGING FOR HARMONY - Symbols and Myths of the ancient East as part of the creative intiation of Jelena Žarković, jewel designer
    Exhibition of jewellery and presentation of the artist’s activities
  • Saturday, 15 May 2010 from 6 pm until 2 am
    • Photographer Sanja Knežević takes photographs of the visitors wearing designer’s accessories (bags, gloves, hats, caps, scarfs etc.) of well known fashion designers Marija Tasovac, Nataša Šarić, Eleonora Vekić, Evica Milovanov Penezić, Larisa Županjevac Nikolić and others.
    • Work on a potter’s wheel, demonstration and participating of visitors. The workshop is held by professional ceramists Mihajlo Petrović, Marica Petrović and Sanja Sremac.
    • Drvo Art School from Belgrade will offer to pupils a programme of manufacturing items of art and utilitarian character.
  • Tuesday, 18 May at 5 pm
    Biljana Jovanović, Encaustic: antique painting technique using beeswax – possible application in contemporary visual and applied arts
    lecture / presentations
  • Wednesday, 19 May at 6 pm
    Milena Zarić, Title of CD Rom MAP – Mapping of Pančevo
    presentation of personal project
  • Thursday, 20 May at 5 pm
    Leposava Lepa Milošević Sibinović, Harmony of the ancient material and contemporary visual expression
    Presentation of the author’s project PERGAMENT (PARCHMENT)
  • Friday, 21 May at 6 pm
    Sandra Božić, Ideal architectural project – village houses museum in the open for 24 hours
    Presentation of the project
  • Saturday, 22 May at 6 pm
    Zorica Bajin Đukanović, A-FLOWER, B-SILK, C-SUMMER, D-TOWER, 12 wholes, 50x70 cm colour photographs
    Presentation of author’s project, exhibition of works
  • Tuesday, 25 May at 6 pm
    Konstantin I. Petrović, LINEAR SPACES – Comment on personal project
    Video presentation
  • Friday, 28 May at 6 pm
    Svetlana Jovičić, HARMONI - HARMON – HARMO
    Interactive singing syllabic exercise or playing with syllables
Author of the thematic cycle and curator to the exhibition: Dijana Milašinović Marić
Graphic design and exhibition design: Aleksa Bjelović, Milica Maksimović
Realisation: ULUPUDS and Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade