. : 42nd MAY EXHIBITION : .

Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia – ULUPUDS is staging


HARMONY or aspiration to it

7 – 28 May 2010
Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade


The biggest annual exhibition of the Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia (ULUPUDS) which has been traditional for over 40 past years is also the oldest exhibition of this kind in Serbia.

42nd May Exhibition of Applied Art and Design is sponsored by the Stari grad Municipality, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia and the Secretariat for Culture of the City of Belgrade.

As of this year May exhibitions have become associated with the Museum of Applied Art as an ambience adequate to host the greatest annual exhibition of applied creativity in Serbia.

The universal theme – HARMONY or aspiration to it brought together painters, sculptors, photographers, fashion designers, stage designers, costume designers, ceramists, architects, designers, graphic artists, illustrators, art historians and they and they singled out the applied arts as that which permeated the entire space we live and create in and into which they introduced their own artistic sensibility, feelings, interpretations, attitudes… In the present moment of overall crisis, of destructive processes, reconsiderations, disturbances, fears, transition, when the position of artist and his art in society is undefined, aspiration to HARMONY is the concealed and omnipresent tendency both generally and individually speaking. In addition to dealing with different formal issues related to accord, harmony and composition as well as with ideas, concepts and critical observations their creations disclose greatest interest in existence of man, the meaning of his place in space and time, opportunities for his creativeness and for his ability to reify the harmony.

Harmony or aspiration to it

To articulate the theme Harmony or aspiration to it , to search for harmony, feel the harmony, mark the harmony, seems to be possible even if it appears to be Utopian and slightly ironic. In the times of expressed contrasts, opposing opinions, confrontations, lies, the omnipresent virtual, in the moment of general crisis, destructive processes, reconsiderations, disturbances, fears, when the position of an artist and his art in society is undefined, looking for harmony might seem to be mission impossible. In essence, this moment is the right moment for thinking and considering, since harmony is the assembly of the different, the point of accord between warm and cold, hard and soft, left and right, dark and light, integration of the big and the little and concealed need of man.

The theme as classical as it may appear to many at the first develops fully in front of us at the exhibition; there dances a gallery of overpowering and unquenched desires of the creators to present themselves, to lure the viewer into absorbing of the sounds, whispers from the innermost feelings. And, lo and behold, there fall the hinges and open the hidden doors otherwise and without good reason firmly closed in most of the people. Obviously when these doors of natural desires are kept closed, when we hesitate and hide our sincere motives and expressions, when we draw into ourselves, it is only easy for the kitsch to take command as reflexion of similar needs of man but expressed by mumbo-jumbo and unmeaning language of manipulation with human needs.

From the introduction by Dijana Milašinović Marić

The 42nd May exhibition Harmony or aspiration to it exhibits over 200 works of applied artists of Serbia

Part of the 42nd May exhibition is dedicated to follow-up programme consisting of:

  • Solo exhibition of Dušan Nešić, industrial designer, Winner of the Grand Award of the 41st May Exhibition
  • Programme “Creative Beehive” in the Jade Gallery of the Museum of Applied Art. It includes 11 separate programmes of individual and group presentations of artists when designers, art historians, photographers, sculptors, painters will illustrate in a proactive manner their activities, ideas, concepts through round table discussions, lectures, one-day exhibitions – installations – personal projects, workshops.





Author of the thematic cycle and curator to the exhibition: Dijana Milašinović Marić
Graphic design and exhibition design: Aleksa Bjelović, Milica Maksimović
Realisation: ULUPUDS and Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade