Adjustment… Architecture Plus…

25 March – 30 April 2010

Opening night and awards presentation:
25 March at 7 pm



The jury of the 32nd Salon of Architecture:

  • Ružica Božović Stamenović, chairperson
  • Milan Dimitrijević
  • Đorđe Stojanović
  • Bratislav Tošković
  • Snežana Vesnić

Introductory remarks on the awards at the opening of the 32nd Salon of Architecture on 25th of March 2010 at 7 pm (Read by Ružica Božović Stamenović, chairperson)

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished colleagues and friends,

Here is the selection of works all of which represent the current state of the art of our profession. Ever since the first Salon of Architecture held in 1929 and inaugurated by Đorđe Zloković this exhibition had been the venue for promotion of new trends, professional craftsmanship, inventiveness and courage. All that which makes us love architecture. It is great honour to have one’s work exhibited at the Salon and that is why we, the jury, take pleasure in congratulating all the authors of selected works. It is with greatest pleasure that the jury singled out two works in the field of renovation and regeneration: the TV tower at Mt. Avala and the reconstruction of the main hall in the Military Club because they remind us how important it is to respect the ambience values of the space as cultural property.

Grand Prix and awards the jury had decided upon suggest specific themes we wish to promote as we consider them to be of importance for the future development of our architecture:

  • creativity but also perfectionism in execution and in details,
  • understanding that there exist no minor themes but there will always be insufficient budget,
  • issues of sustainability, energy and context; issues that inevitably and soon will come to us from the world where these issues are now prevailing,
  • awareness of the importance which written words have since thought has always preceded an object built.
Curator to the Salon and editor of the catalogue: Ljiljana Miletić Abramović MA, Museum Advisor, Department of Architecture