Day of the Museum of Applied Art is marked by the exhibition:


6th November 2009 – 15th January 2010

Formal opening and cocktail party: Friday, 6th November 2009, 7 p.m.
Prof. Dr. Miroslav Timotijević, Belgrade University is opening the exhibition


Greetings from Belgrade (Panoramic View of the Town. Railway Station. National Theatre)
Belgrade, 1898
Issue of the Bookshop of Velimir Valožić
Drawing: Vladislav Titelbah
Museum of Applied Art, Inv. No. 23467

On the occasion of the Day of the Museum on November 6, the Museum of Applied Art has staged the exhibition Picture Postcards in Serbia 1895-1914 whose author is Jelena Perać MA, curator at the Museum.

Since the time when they emerged in the third quarter of the nineteenth century, picture postcards – “illustrated post cards”, had been broadly distributed as visual material and they constituted significant part of the modern times visual culture. They belonged to that body of new visual media which were introduced in the nineteenth century. Introduction of picture postcards in our country actually dovetailed the introduction of picture films and the photographs were their great forerunner and source in the nineteenth century.

The 1895-1914 period is the time when picture postcards first emerged and were produced in the Kingdom of Serbia, i.e. it is the period of their appearance, development and broad distribution. The first series of picture postcards in Serbia was issued by the Belgrade bookshop of Velimir Valožić in 1895, soon to be followed by many series of this and other publishers.

The exhibition Picture Postcards in Serbia 1895-1914 is an attempt to treat and evaluate them as unique visual artefacts with function and meaning in the given cultural-historical and artistic context. Being a new, popular visual form massively produced and distributed, picture postcards were a powerful communication means and their function and effects in the public at the end of the nineteenth century could in many aspects be compared to the role taken over by mass electronic and digital media.

Ćele Kula
Belgrade, around 1910
Issue of the Bookshop of Rajković and Ćuković
Collotype, hand tinted
Museum of Applied Art, Inv. No. 10929

It is the function of picture postcards as means of mass communication that is the focal point of the exhibition presentation including the comprehensive paper of the author Jelena Perać. There are 367 exhibits displayed – picture postcards kept in collections of the Museum of Applied Art, National Library of Serbia and the Library of the City of Belgrade as well as in the private collection of Mr. Milorad Jurišić. They cover the following segments:

  • Topographical picture postcards (urban public space, public edifices, public monuments landscapes views)
  • Commemorating and topical postcards (public celebrations, pictures from the war)
  • Portraits on picture postcards (portraits of famous people and heroes, images of ordinary people)
  • Picture postcards – reproductions of works of art
  • Advertisments on picture postcards

The exhibition is completed with a representative publication – catalogue containing a comprehensive analytical paper, copious choice of illustrations and the catalogue list. Prof. Dr. Miroslav Timotijević in his review of the paper of J. Perać said it had been based on systematic researches and shows profound knowledge of the related literature while methodologically resting on modern theories of visual culture.

Author of this most elegant display is arch. Bojana Djurović and Dragana Lacmanović gewts the credit for the sophisticated graphic design of the catalogue.

Greetings from Serbia: From the Wedding Ceremony of the Royal Couple 23/7– 5/8 1900
Zemun, 1900
Issue of Dragutin Frankl
Photograph: Milan Jovanović
Museum of Applied Art, Inv. No. 23445

Greetings from Serbia:
Queen Draga. King Aleksandar I. Queen Natalija. King Milan

Serbia, 1900–1901
(no label of the publisher)
Museum of Applied Art, Inv. No. 12313

Triumphal Arch in Kolarčeva Street on the Arrival of HM King Petar I, 1st - 2nd June 1903
Belgrade, 1903
Issue of Solomon J. Koen «At the Napoleon's»
Museum of Applied Art, Inv. No. 10499

Greetings from Serbia: Serbian Costume
Serbia, not later than 1906
(no label of the publisher)
Museum of Applied Art, Inv. No. 23456

You can review the selection of other picture postcards

Author of the exhibition: Jelena Perać MA, Senior Curator, Department of Photography and Applied Graphics