Author: Slaviša Savić – Ideaman (born 1973, on April 16th, Belgrade Day)

3 – 23 September 2009
The exhibition will be opened by Dragan Sakan
Thursday, 3rd September 2009, at 7 p.m.


Slaviša Savić is a graphic designer who first won the attention of the Belgrade public by his remarkable ideas for the manifestation Belgrade Days which the City of Belgrade had organised: in 2007 it was his monumental letters D.A.N.I (D.A.Y.S.) in Knez Mihailova Street and in 2008 his extraordinary concept “Belgrade is the World” which illustrated an unbelievable congruence between maps of the world and of Belgrade.

“Genius loci (local spirit). In spite of the open door of the European creative market, Slaviša prefers Belgrade, and believes (and I am fully convinced) that a local idea is the best one in conquering the world. He believes in Belgrade – city of ideas and he is sure his talent can sustain his living in Belgrade while his ideas travel the world…”

Dragan Sakan

Recognizable for his alias IDEAMAN, Slaviša Savić reminds us that man is a creative being and makes it crystal clear that he is not a classical graphic designer. He wants to prove that an idea is more valuable than any other investment because it remains in memory of people forever. This exhibition is in fact story of a Belgrade inhabitant who wants to share the energy of unfading enthusiasm and love for Belgrade with his fellow townspeople. City of ideas.

It will be ten years to the day when Slaviša graduated at the Faculty of Applied Art, Department for Graphic Design. From that moment on he has been working as the leading art director with the most important advertising agencies in Belgrade, in particular with the New Moment where Draga Sakan has recognised and encouraged his exceptional creations. It has been proved by numerous awards he received, the most significant among them being Epica he was awarded with last year for the best fashion advertisement in Europe.

Exhibition coordinator: Milica Cukić MA, Senior Curator