14th May – 30th June 2009

The Beginning,

Q-tak, 2009

Solo Exhibition of Biljana Milenović, who received the Grand Prix of the 12thTriennial

The exhibition titled Each Piece Looks for Its Whole and strives to return to it within the framework of the 13th Contemporary Ceramics Art and Design Triennial displays five panels of Biljana Milenović’s works, each of them having individual title guiding us through her poetic world: Q-tak (Kutak, meaning A Nook), Papillon, Lisboa, The End, and The Beginning.

“It is characteristic for her to employ a most particular approach to ceramics by reducing the expressive potentials in order to expand the fields of her researches: reduced selection of elements – pillow-like, square plates – form specific mosaic structures, which like a coordinate system mark a surface giving it almost geometrical character. The expressive character of some of the segments of these pseudo-geometrical structures is achieved by least of means: small porcelain balls or sticks, minimalist drawing executed by few strokes, colour batches or fingerprints. In the same time, reducing of the expression is emphasized by use of white and black colour. It seems that Biljana Milenović strives to set a boundary between the minimum and the indispensable in order to establish a visual whole in her works” writes Maja Stanković in the exhibition catalogue.

Exhibition Curator: Biljana Vukotić, Senior Curator, Department of Contemporary Applied Arts