The Jury of the 31st Salon of Architecture

composed of:

  • Bratislav Gaković – President (Great Britain)
  • Zoran Abadić
  • Tanja Damljanović (USA)
  • Stanko Gaković (USA)
  • Sanjin Grbić

has awarded the following prizes and awards:

to Biljana Cvejić and Milan Dimitrijević
with team of authors: Katarina Vujanac, Marija Andjelić and Dragana Ćuk 
For the Hotel Townhouse 27 located in Maršala Birjuzova Street No. 56 and Topličin Venac Street No. 27, Belgrade (the author of the original 1926 work is Zdravko Djurić)

For an architectural creation that is a delicate intervention on an existing building, faced with a ballast of preconditions and obstacles stemming from the dimensions of the existing edifice and the broader architectural and zoning context of the site. In a functional and modelling sense, the existing building has been remodelled in an innovative, harmonious and stylistically transposed manner, creating an important contribution to the visual identity of the urban core. The authors made it clear that their design is a remodelling effort, unambiguously drawing a line between the old and the new, at the same time establishing an authentic dialogue with the inherited architectural layer of the inter-war period.

Faced with a decades-old problem of illegal building activities that at one moment went as far as to elude all professional criteria, the jury sought to emphasise the importance of successfully coping with the task of transforming existing buildings, their adaptation and extension, a problem existing not just here but in all other cities.

Commendation, Architecture
to Jovan Sarić and Ružica Sarić
for the Residential and Commercial Building in the Rozino 2 Zone in Budva, Montenegro

A new and elegant expression created by a reduced number of transposed and modernised architectural elements characteristic of Mediterranean architecture. A design of superior aesthetic and functional range with a clear and exact concept has been created, fitting admirably into the location and climate. The authors' skilled and measured use of colour as an integral element of the architectural language is notable. The work establishes new standards of design, modelling and construction of commercial facilities in coastal holiday centres.

Commendation, Architecture
to Goran Vojvodić
and co-authors Grozdana Šišović and Dušana Radišić
for the Porsche office building, Zrenjaninski put No. 11, Belgrade

Employing a modern language of design, modern technology and materials, a relaxed range of colours and forms free of superfluous decorativeness, a work has been realised of tectonic and clear form of a perfect spatial concept in the an interweaving of the relationship between the interior and the exterior, lifting high the standards of not just this type of design.

Commendation, Interior Design
to the Studio Remiks: Maja Vidaković, Marko Basarovski and Mihajlo Jurić
associate: Srđan Mandić
For the Supermarket, a concept store in Višnjićeva Street No. 10, Belgrade.

For freshness and ‘allure’ that succeeds in overlapping with the roughness of authentic materials of an ‘industrial’ heritage, new in expression.

Commendation, Interior Design
to Ivana Kovačević and Ana Veljković
For the Studio, Republic Square No. 3, Belgrade

For a seemingly simple intervention that unambiguously shows that creating a cleverly conceived residential space is a skill, for a measured use of colour and muted form and inventive details.

Commendation, Salon Guests – Foreign-based Designs
to Maša Bratuša, John Ruane and Lav Bratuša
for the E – pod, expansion and reconstruction of the Bangor Erris National School, Bangor, Republic of Ireland

For a design well suited to the context, consistency of expression and modesty of intervention and effective use of colour and materials

Commendation, Architecture
to Slobodan Danko Selinkić
For the architecture of the exhibition of the 25 May Museum at the 49th October Salon Artist-Citizen Artiste-Citizen – Contextual Artistic Practice, Belgrade

For an elegant use of an existing facility and creation of a new complex and interesting space with simple means; a cultured and measured expressiveness and approach to design can be felt.

Commendation, Publications
to the Belgrade Urban Planning Bureau
For the work Beograd u mapama i planovima od 18. do 21. veka (Belgrade in Maps and Plans from the 18th to the 21st Centuries)
(editor: Marta Vukotić Lazar)

For the first-ever systematic and immeasurably large undertaking in the investigation of the urban development of Belgrade that promotes the local milieu also on the world plane.

Exhibition curator: Ljiljana Miletić Abramović MA, Curator Museum Advisor, Department of Architecture