. : PAINTED WITH EMBROIDERY - Exhibition of Saveta Mihić : .

Exhibition of Saveta Mihić

18 – 28 September 2008

The exhibition of works of Saveta Mihić in The Museum of the Applied Art presents, for the first time, to the public and the critics the works in textile and artistic embroidery that define new, but for a number of years current phase in the painter's art.

Just like Medieval acupictors, Saveta Mihić paints with needle and gold thread, sewing on, with diligence and patience, thousands of colourful pearls, tiny crystals and glossy sequins that gleam a whole colour specter. Her, stylistically simple and almost minimalist forms frame many heterogeneous and carefully handled details.

Self-taught in the unusual technique she uses, modern and absolutely – her own, as much as in ink drawing, Saveta Mihić in some of her works, or in a whole group of them such as Screens, reveals that tradition and history in her contemporary interpretation of embroidery hold significant place after all.

The traditional – modern, historical – contemporary, general – personal, whole – detail, toil – ease ... these are the contrasts that characterize the artist. Placed in the context of time, space and historical circumstances, they manifest themselves as a mosaic of complex interactions, the outcome of which is often surprising.

The technique of artistic embroidery, slow and laborious in realization, is especially demanding in large formats. However, in spite of this is seems that the artist, working on her latest creations, discovered again the ease and nonchalance of games.

The variations of the favourite motifs - The variations of favourite motifs – branchy tree, rich deck or leafless branches interchange as in a kaleidoscope, different in forms and colouring, and yet ever the same and recognizable – Saveta's. If we set off to follow the gold thread of her embroidery, we shall soon arrive to a veritable labyrinth created of various colours, materials and textures. As we follow it like Theseus followed Ariadne's thread, we shall look for and find, instead of a way out – meaning, essence... the beauty.

The exhibition Saveta Mihić – Painted with Embroidery features the works of small, middle and large formats, tapestries and screens. All of these were created from 2004 to 2008. There is also a selection of drawings as the form of expression that immediately directed the artist to embroidery.

Exhibition curator: Dejan Sandić, International Cooperation Curator