European Prize for Urban Public Space 2008

3 – 26 September 2008

The Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB – Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona) is the founder and one of the organizers of the biannual European Prize for European Urban Public Space. The prize was established in the year 2000 in order to pronounce the importance of architecture and urban design in the collective, public, life of a city. The Prize is, presently, the only such award in Europe, and aims to recognize, defend and promote public urban space that is open and accessible to everyone. Several more organizations that deal with architecture and cities take part in the institution of this prize: The Architecture Foundation, London, Architekturzentrum Wien, Cite de l'Architecture et du Patrimonie, Paris, Nederlands Architectuurinstituut, Rotterdan and Museum of Finnish Architecture, Helsinki.

The Exhibition in The Museum of the Applied Art features the awarded projects, together with materials submitted by this year's competitors (174 projects, from 34 European cities). A selection of items from The CCCB collection will also be on display.

During the course of this exhibition, there will be presentations of video materials from all previous competitions, as well as the awarded projects and the scenes from the public spaces of European cities. One will also be able to search The CCCB webpage, explore the public space of Barcelona, the archive of the awarded works, and view the recorded lectures on public space in The CCCB in Barcelona. The visitors will have the access to the Library of Public Spaces, the list of books, magazines and texts dealing with this issue.

The Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona organized the Exhibition, and The Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Belgrade, Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and General Intendance for Cultural and Scientific Relations subsidized The Institute for Urban Planning. The Chamber of Engineering of Serbia and The Agency for Building Land and Construction of Belgrade act as sponsors, just as they sponsored the last year's guest exhibition on urban transformation of Barcelona. Žaklina Gligorijević acts, as organizer, on behalf of The Institute for Urban Planning.

As stated in the introductory text of the exhibition, "in every society in transition, the coexistence manifests itself through new definition and organization of public space. One of the challenges that Serbia in transition is facing today is this. European vocation of this initiative is a stimulative focus for thinking about future of Serbian cities".

The Exhibition organized by The Institute for Urban Planning, Belgrade