Retrospective Exhibition of Ljubomir Pavićević Fis

4 – 14 September 2008

Ljubomir Pavićević Fis, the pioneer of Serbian and Yugoslav design is certainly our oldest and most famous designer. The words of Professor Milanka Berberović testify to this, "The professional biography of this distinguished designer speaks of the scope and importance of his special merit in the field of social affirmation of design and culture of communication in Serbia."

Fis has been working as a designer ever since 1953, passing from his native Višegrad (1927) to Sarajevo andBelgrade, to New York and other world centers, from domestic fairs to prestigious galleries and museums. Thus, he also stands as a symbol of progress of our contemporary design, from party-propagandistic works, to autonomous acknowledged art. With him and his generation, design ceases to be painters' and engravers' side activity, and professionals gradually entered the creation of industrial products, thus defining a new profession – designer. There are not many creators found in the history of design that have been engaged in all fields of it for 55 years, such as Fis. He is an engraver, industrial designer and designer of packages, sculptor, set designer, interior designer and designer of huge political outdoor manifestations. He was engaged, with significant success, in redesigning of graphic and industrial design, as well as in theoretical and pedagogical work. He is author of panels, promotional art exhibition design, posters, leaflets, advertising graphics, book design, movie clips, emblems and signs, printed textile, toys and industrial products, as well as all kinds of packaging such as lotion containers, wine bottles, to glasses and vases.

Fis created sculpture and occasionally worked in photography. He cooperated with chemical, food, textile, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, signing the design solutions of several hundred products. His cooperation with factories such as "Merima" in Kruševac, "Dalija", "Centrotekstil", "Inkoteks" and "Galenika" in Belgrade resulted, until 1968, in more than five million copies.

Fis' emblems, signs and logotypes have been part of our visual culture for more than half a century. His graphic solutions have been seen in the streets of Belgrade and other cities, as well as in fairs and varied manifestations in Dubai, Beijing, Oslo, Hanover, Moscow, that is, all over the world. The graphic solution of total design for Serbian Week in Israel in 1990 was, as in some other cases, created in such way to occupy space, as an object. Very successful was Fis' emblem of the United Nations Conference on Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, "Unispace 1982", which fuses together a bird and a rocket. Through "Elgity" agency in Switzerland, he worked for the patrons from all over the world.

Fis is a designer who contributed to the culture of visual communication and the formation of the global relationship between art and industry. He created independent and visually conceived applied graphic, political sticklers and economic propaganda and from original, decorative painting arrived to complex, systematically conceived and executed works. He transformed the ephemeral posters and advertisements in the streets and columns in periodicals into signs and symbols displayed on the facades of companies that had not changed for a half a century. At the beginning of his career, there is an ideologically controlled poster from 1953, "Documents From Life. A Film about Life and Work of Josip Broz Tito", and at the end, a freak-out placate "Dee Jays", of 2005, for a musical event in The Student Cultural Center, Belgrade.

The web site of Ljubomir Pavićević Fis may be visited on address: http://www.fisdizajn.com/

The Exhibition was opened by architect Mr. Slobodan Mašić
Exhibition curator: Milica Cukić MA, Senior Curator, Head of Department of Arts, Department of Public Relations