. : 40th јubilee May Exhibition by ULUPUDS : .

40th јubilee May Exhibition by ULUPUDS at Museum of Applied Art

15 May – 15 June 2008

Events regarding domestic Applied Arts, like May Exhibition are very rare on the Serbian Art Scene. This year it celebrates forty years jubilee, and after a long time it will be held again in Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade, where it all started in 1955, when the exhibition was organized for the first time.

This year May Exhibition is held at the right location and on the right time May, 15th – June, 10th , and clearly promotes new tematic concept, which have significantly influenced that this traditional event partialy steps out into different experimental space. Base line of this concept which started last year under the title Acceleration is an idea of making a step ahead, winding path based on three points, three themes associated in one gradual order: Acceleration – Disclosure - Light . This three years cycle is created to interest and provoke artists, to pull them out of their lethargic life, caused by crisis on Art Market and stimulate them to brake through their usual creative practice and turn to turbulent life around them in and active, brave and not compromising way.

It was very hard to make the selection out of 220 Artists of different interests: Sculptors, Painters, Costume makers, Scenographers, Photographers, Art Historians , Arhitects, Ceramists, Textile Paintors, Designers, and to choose 120 Artists, who best responded to subject or whose work represents disclosure in its widest sense.

Nenad Galantić, designer and the winner of The Big Award of 39th May’s Exhibition Accaleration gain the possibility to exhibit his work individually. By the concept of his work and logical point of view he extended previosly started thematic and went forward to a communicative elaboration concept of complexed and multileveled process of interaction between thoughts, emotions, substance and spirit. Furthermore he created esthetic and attractive Mobile Art panels with the idea to take Art out of galleries and step out in public and working space, expending that way the field and possibilities of Artistic Performance.

Communication of an idea was supported by company Pernod Ricard, this year’s sponsor of May Exhibition which uses slogan Make an impression to invite the audience to participate by leaving their own artistic mark and by voting for the best Work of Art in secluded area of the Museum – gallery Žad.

Supporting Events: TIME, based on the idea of Tatjana Dejanović, exhibition of Pottery-making section at gallery Singidunum, May 6-16; TRANSPARENCY – REVELATION – SECRET, exhibition by Mirjana Radojcić and Mirjana Vajdić, gallery SULUJ, May 16 – 24, 2008; EXTENDED VIEW original concept by Lepa Milošević, work presented in optical stores shop windows in the town centre, may 2008.

Organization ULUPUDS (Serbian Association of Applied Arts)
Author and Curator:
Dijana Milašinović Marić

Acceleration / Heartattack / Brainstorming / Epiloque, 2006
Nenad Galantić
Winner of The Big Award of 39th May’s Exhibition / ACCELERATION , 2007