Museum of Applied Art

August 23 - September 20, 2007

Politikin Zabavnik is a unique type of magazine in these parts not only for its longevity but also for being different from other magazines with similar orientation, that is for its universal approach to topics in various fields, ranging from scientific and historic stories and data up to domestic and foreign comics and illustrations. That is why Politikin Zabavnik takes pride of occupying such outstanding place in pop culture of Serbia and Yugoslavia.

At the exhibition in the Museum of Applied Art there will be represented works of over a hundred artists who created  illustrations, caricatures and comic strips for Politikin Zabavnik from the times it originated back in 1939 until the present.

Russian immigrants Djordje Lobačev and Vladimir Žedrinski were creating their works at Politikin Zabavnik in the years preceding the World War II. In the years after the World War II Ratomir Ruvarac. Božidar Veselinović, Brana Jovanović stepped in, and in the last twenty years came Dobrosav Bob Živković, Rastko Ćirić, Aleksa Gajić, Boban Savić Geto, Darko Grkinić, Silva Vujović and many others.

Be it illustrations, caricatures or comics they created in tempera, water colour, ink, collage or in digital print, each of the artists represented at the exhibition “Illustrators of Politikin Zabavnik” left a specific mark on the character of Politikin Zabavnik which was always the first window opened to the world of illustration and comic strip, first encyclopaedia of essential and less essential things, a magazine that was read from “covers to covers” (and still is) by boys and girls in Serbia and Yugoslavia but also by somewhat older kids because Zabavnik is designed for “all from 7 to 107 years of age”.

Author of the exhibition: Slobodan Jovanović, curator at the MAA