Parallels and Contrasts – Serbian Architecture 1980 – 2005

Exhibition in the Museum of Applied Art
6th November 2007 – 15th January 2008

The aim of this study exhibition staged by Ljiljana Miletić Abramović, curator at the Architecture Department of the Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade is to present and consider on the academic level of thought and historiographic research the body of modern Serbian architecture which developed during the last decades of the 20th century on the turn of epochs and in this context to represent it to professional and cultural public.

The exhibition comprises 57 works mounted on 46 panels. The selection was made according to values, typologies and phenomena criteria. The displayed material is arranged in intriguing and visually interesting way whereby the duality of meaning of architecture being developed in this period was clearly marked (Ivan Kucina, architect of the display).

Facing the main architectonic ideas and works realized in the period of historical changes which marked the social and cultural systems in form of turbulent-transitional “development” of the Serbian society, this study with the exhibition searches for the answer to the following question: How are we to understand and appreciate modern Serbian architecture? In what way do local and regional cultural circumstances and conditions reflect themselves? What is the extent of our abilities and desires to transform and change them through architecture? The exhibition is in its own right a search for the identity of the Serbian architecture and its understanding. These issues were only fragmentary treated in several publications published in the 1990s and in our opinion this study will make significant contribution to further researches of the topic.

from the catalogue of the exhibition " Parallels and Contrasts – Serbian Architecture 1980 – 2005“ >>>

Exhibition and Catalogue Author: Ljiljana Miletić Abramović, M.A. Architecture Department of MAA

Exhibition design: Ivan Kucina, M.A. Arch.

Catalogue designed by: Tatjana Stratimirović, Arch.