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Multimedia Exhibition


within the manifestation – Days of Czech Architecture in Belgrade
February 1 –  March 1, 2007

After a lengthy period, the Belgrade public has an opportunity to see current works of Czech architects at three exhibitions which, together with the accompanying lectures by Czech architects, constitute the manifestation called – Days of Czech Architecture in Belgrade.

Exhibition – Dialogue of Contemporary Housing Conditions – a concentration of the most interesting designs – family houses, residential buildings and reconstructions, realized in the Czech Republic in the last three years.
Exhibition – Figurative Architecture for Beginners – a specific concept of spatial realizations of architectural forms. Its author, the leading personality in architectural studio New Work – Svatopluk Sladeček – will be present at the festive opening and will also deliver the following lecture – From Architectural Space to the Space of Architecture.
Multimedia Exhibition of Architectural Studios – consisting of short film documentaries – interviews with the founders of studios because of its emphasis on the relationships of: architect – builder, architect – the city, architect – private investor, etc. The film medium conjures up the “narration”, or the statement on personal experience of architects in search of major commissions.

Ivanka Zorić, MAA director, at the opening of exhibition

Multimedia exhibition "BIG DEAL"

The BIG DEAL project brings to light the phenomenon of a dynamic progress of the young generation of Czech architects and their studios in the 1990s, through their major designs from that period. The choice of studios reveals their diversity and questions the stereotypes of rectilinear development of Czech architecture.
Apart from the story of the development of architectural studios, the BIG DEAL project intends to indicate some of the obstacles encountered by architects in the process of their professional assertion and search for the right direction in the creative procedure. Not all of the realized works are displayed, because the purpose of the project is to show the background of architectural creation and the inner sides of architects’ work processes.
The BIG DEAL project will be presented first in Serbia (the main exhibition of Days of Czech Architecture in Belgrade) and Croatia, the countries that have had a comparable architectural situation in the period after 1989.


The Serbian–Czech architectural relations date from the nineteenth century and form part of a diverse cooperation of the two peoples. One of the first big buildings in Belgrade – Kapetan Mišino zdanje, presently the seat of Belgrade University – was built in 1863 after the design by Czech architect Jan Nevola.
This influence was particularly emphasized after World War I and the constitution of national Slavic states after the breakdown of the Austro–Hungarian Empire. The appearance of a large number of Czech experts in all areas was the consequence of the then popular ideas of pan–Slavism. The Exhibition of Czech Architecture, held in Belgrade in 1928, had a major influence on the history of Serbian architecture and the development of modern ideas. The best known among a few studios active in Belgrade at that time was the studio of Matija Bleha, who also brought over Czech architect Jan Dubový. The works of Dubový had a significant impact on the spreading of the ideas of modernism among Serbian architects. Together with M. Zloković, B. Kojić and D. Babić, Dubový was one of the founders of the Group of Architects of Modernist Orientation in 1928. The best–known Serbian architects, such as Momir Korunović, Svetomir Lazić and Nikola Dobrović completed their studies in Prague.

Yvette Vašourkova, Igor Kovačević (CCEA)

BIG DEAL shows the progress towards success of the following studios:

Lectures by Czech architects >>>

BIG DEAL catalogue
Vladimir Cumalo writes about the generation phenomenon, while theorists of architecture, journalists and architects themselves treat individual subject matters. The authors are: Petr Fišer, Rostislav Koričanek, Jana kostelecka, Jan Kratohvil, Radomir Sedlakov, Milena Strnjova, Metej Šišolak, Jana Tiha.

Exhibition organizers:
Centre for Central European Architecture (CCEA), www.ccea-info.org under the auspices of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Belgrade.

Exhibition curators:
Igor Kovačević, Yvette Vašourkova (CCEA)
Ljiljana Miletić Abramović (MAA)