Spontaneous Flows (local - regional - global)

Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade
24th March – 29th April 2007

The Museum of Applied Art is once again organising its traditional springtime Salon of Architecture, the most important exhibition of domestic architectural production. The 29th Salon presents works created in the past year’s time in architectural design, interior design, urban planning, publishing and competition designs.

Spontaneous Flows (local – regional – global) is the motto of the 29th Salon of Architecture which expresses our aim to research the way in which the numerous dilemmas present in globalistic architectural thinking and practice are reflected on the architecture of our milieu. We also wanted to emphasize the influence of the global culturological situation on the regional and local environment and the way it affects architectural practice – where the focal points of interactions are concurrent.

The 29th Salon of Architecture presents about 160 of the roughly 200 works submitted for the show: projects which have been realised, designs, urban planning studies, publications. A more clear picture of the ‘alchemy’ of Serbian architecture, but also the ‘alchemy’ of Serbian society, can be formed on the basis of the works on show. We are faced with a production based on the influence of progressive outside tendencies, but in reality generated by society’s internal situation. It is obvious that architects are very well informed and that their work is inspired by world architectural trends, evidenced also by the several foreign works on show.

The Salon jury - Vlada Slavica, the President, and Gordana Kovačević, Anamarija Kovenc Vujić, Lazar Kuzmanov and Aleksandar Rodić – has selected the works which will receive this year’s awards.

Exhibition curator: Ljiljana Miletić Abramović, M.A., Museum Advisor
tel: +381 11 2631 572
e-mail: ljma@mpu.org.yu