The 12th Triennial of Contemporary
Ceramic Art

May 6th – June 2nd 2006
Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade

The 12th Triennial of Contemporary Ceramic Art represents the most significant event of this kind, which contributes to the development of ceramics on our artistic scene, with the goal of presenting artistic achievments and individual poetics of authors. Traditionally, the Triennial has been organized on an equal basis by the Belgrade Museum of Applied Art and Art Encounters from Subotica. This year the exhibition was held at the Art Encounters Modern Gallery in Subotica (March 18th – April 20th 2006), and during May 2006, it was presented to Belgrade public at the Museum of Applied Art.

This year 64 authors from Serbia and Montenegro with 100 artworks took place at the Triennial.

The Jury, consisting of:
Prof. Janos Probstner, Kecskemet, member of the IAC
Prof. Franko Bertoni, expert with the International Ceramics Museum, Faenza, Italy
Jasmina Pejčić, ceramist, Serbia
awarded the official awards of the 12th Triennial, as follows:

Grand Prix of the Triennial: Biljana Milenović for „Armada 2“
Three equal awards of the Triennial: Olgica Kucina Jelić
  Dijana Tođeraš
  Velimir Vukićević
Young Author's Award: Tijana Šćekić
Award (including purchase) of the Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade: Radenko Adnađ
Award (including purchase) of Art Encounters Modern Gallery, Subotica: Olgica Kucina Jelić
Award of the ULUPUDS (Association of Applied Artists and Designers of Serbia): Vojislava Čitaković
Plaquette of the ULUPUDS: Tijana Šćekić
Award of the UPIDIV: Irena Tođeraš

The following programme to this year's Triennial is comprised of an exhibition entitled „Sculptures in Ceramics – Marked by Deconstruction“ which presents the ceramics of Jasmina Pejčić, realized in the period between 1992 and 2003, when she was awarded the Grand Prix of the 11th Triennial.

Following programme of the exhibition, lecture:

Franz Stahler, a ceramist

Programme coordinator: Biljana Vukotić, Senior Custodian, MAA
Tel: +381 11 2631 572