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The exhibition
“Between Documentation and Fine Arts”
Czech theatre photography 2004-2006

The exhibition Between Documents and Visual Art presents us with the work of three most prominent Czech theatrical photographers. It might not come as a surprise to find that these three artists belong to the same generation: Bogdan Holomicsek (b. 1943), Josef Ptacsek (b. 1946) and Victor Kronbauer (b. 1949). Their work is not to be interpreted exclusively as individual works of art – it can also be perceived as something between objects of visual art and an important documentary fragment. Josef Ptacsek, with his characteristic personal seal, gained reputation in the field of colour photography, while the names of Bogdan Holomicsek and Victor Kronbauer are widely associated with black and white photography. As well as Josef Ptacsek, these two prominent Czech photographers have been presented with numerous awards – including the two gold medals Victor Kronbauer recently received at the International Triennial of Theatrical Photography in Novi Sad in 2005. However, all three of them have in the meantime turned from conventional techniques to the more progressive digital photography. Has this transition been successful? Our exhibition is an answer to this question. Josef Ptacsek and Victor Kronbauer will be presenting 30 photographies (80x60cm), while Bogdan Holomicsek chose to present a multimedia project entitled Bogdan and Eva H. made in colaboration with Eva Hruba, an author specialized in computer art.