. : The Sixth Biennial of Stage Design : .

The Sixth Biennial of Stage Design
September 7-30, 2006

The Biennial of Stage Design is the largest local exhibition event dedicated to stage art design and technology. It is organized by YUSTAT and the Museum of Applied Art.

The 6th Biennial of Stage Design, beside the major exhibition taking place at the Museum of Applied Art, will comprise of an abundant side programme organized by the O3One gallery, Youth Centre, Yugoslav Cinematheque Museum, The British Council, BITEF Festival and the Art University.The goal of the event is an interdisciplinary demonstration of contemporary accomplishments in stage art equipment and production, as well as a contribution to setting higher general and professional standards in this area throughout the region.

OISTAT organization (Prague/Amsterdam/Taipei) renders this Biennial international, through its annual international conference attended by local experts and guests from Indonesia, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Hungary, Poland, Russia and other countries, who will speak about their experience with new theatrical technologies, as well as the  Prague Theatre Institute, with its stage photography exhibition entitled „Between Documents and Visual Art“ prepared and realized by three Czech authors - Bogdan Holomicsek, Josef Ptacsek and Victor Kronbauer, who will be present at the press conference.

This year Biennial's programme will open with the Grand Exhibition of local production and the Czech exhibition under the patronage of the Embassy of the Czech Republic. In a way this exhibition announces the Prague Quadrennial, the largest and most relevant world event dedicated to stage design, whereat YUSTAT will organize Serbia's official presentation.

Formal exhibition opening  - September 7th, 7pm
Museum of Applied Art
The exhibition will be opened by H. E. Ivan Jestrab, Ambassador of the Czech Republic
Award Ceremony


Contact:  Irena Šentevska, curator of Biennial of stage design, tel: 064 3215 841
e-mail: irena@yustat.org, web: www.yustat.org

Programme coordinator: Milica Cukić MA, Senior Curator, Head of Department of Arts, Department of Public Relations

For more information about exhibition, visit www.yustat.org/aktuelni/bijenale/6bijenale.html