Museum of Applied Art , Belgrade is organizing in September,
under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of Serbia,
a representative exhibition titled


September 15 – December 1, 2005



“Preserved Time” is exhibition consisted of 180 most representative examples of watches and clocks, from MAA's own and private collections, intended for various uses: sun, pocket, hand, table, wall, mantelpiece watches - pictures… Among them are also very old European brands: Phillip Grazl ( Linz ), J. Leroy ( Paris ), Edward Prior ( London ), Mermillon (Geneve), Andreas Vogler ( Augsburg )… The museum exhibits cover the period from the 17th until the middle of the 20th century. The selected and exhibited examples from the private collections (approximately 80 exhibits) are very valuable and will be publicly displayed for the first time.


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We expect this to be one of the most representative exhibitions in Belgrade in 2005. A strong media support, outstanding Museum location (Vuk Karadzic street is located in the heart of the city), great public interest for the collection of old and valuable watches, as well as the world reputation of our house, are some of the arguments that speak in favour of the attractiveness of this cultural manifestation. The opening of the exhibition (September 15.) is planned to coincide with the opening of the European Basketball Championship ( Belgrade September 16, 2005); the exhibition is already part of their site, and we expect all athletes and guests to visit our exhibition, which will practically open the fall season of the cultural and art happenings in the capitol.


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It is our intention, along with exhibiting this outstanding material, to consider at the same time the phenomenon of time, which is paid particular attention this year on the occasion of the a centennial of publication of the Theory of Relativity (Einstein's year) all over the world.


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“Preserved Time” is accompanied with representative bilingual catalogue written by author, Museum Councillor Dušan Milovanović. During the exhibition, in the period of three months numerous accompanying exhibitions will be opened (antiquities, watches produced by modern companies, shows…) accompanied with the lectures, projections, concerts that we hope will keep this manifestation continuously up to date and revisited again and again.


Author of the exhibition
: Dušan Milovanović, Museum Advisor