. : New tendencies in the contemporary Serbian ceramics : .




An exhibition at the gallery of the Museum of Applied Art
April 20th – May 4th 2005


After an excellent reception at the „Art and Perception“ gallery in Sidney, Australia, the Belgrade Museum of Applied Art presents its home audience with the works by younger and older generation of Serbian ceramics artists. According to the choice of the Museum's senior curator, Biljana Vukotić, the following artists exhibited their work: Ljubica Jocić, Velimir Vukićević, Larisa Ackov, Lana Tikveša, Ivana Batalo, Tijana Dujović-Liščević, Lucija Adamović, Srđan Vukajlović, Biljana Milenković-Stojanović, Vojislava Ćitaković, Ivana Rackov, Nemanja Nikolić, Igor Šabadoš, Jasmina Pejčić, Marija Milin, Ana Stijačić, Tijana Đorđević i Aleksandar Vac.



„The exhibition was conceived as a display of the most successful works by artists of diverse poetic expressions and inclinations. Eighteen artists exhibited their works, tightly related to the art of ceramics, sculpture, installation and multidisciplinary research, utility flatware ceramics, as well as to sculpture that has its basis in the form of the vessel. Different techniques are represented, such as porcelain, terra sigilata, majolica etc.

The foundation of the exhibition are the works by the younger generations of Belgrade artists of different artistic, style, iconographic and technique determinations.

The goal of the exhibition is to point out those artists upon which universal criteria of modern art can be applied. The choice of such tendencies was determined by the present artistic production, which has, during the first years of this century, been intesified by means of artistic ceramics colonies and numerous exhibitions.“

An excerpt from the catalogue text by Biljana Vukotić, senior curator of the Museum of Applied Art

Author of the exhibition: Biljana Vukotić, senior curator of the Museum of Applied Art