. : Museum of Applied Art - Belgrade / THE 27th SALON OF ARCHITECTURE : .


15th March to 17th April 2005

On Reality and (or) Imagination
Imagination in spite of Reality

What will the Salon of Architecture, a major annual exhibition of the contemporary architectural output and a link and (or) synthesis of reality and ideals of designers' fantasies and imaginations, feature this year?

The significance and specificity of the Salon as an exhibition is reflected in its presentation of all fields of architecture so that it can be seen in all its complexity and forms, making it possible to draw parallels and make comparisons picture of the contemporary episode of our architecture. The total of 120 works and over 250 authors confirms the high level of interest which exists among architects in showing their works.

Architectural designs make up the majority of exhibits, of which there are considerably more than last year.
Residential and commercial buildings are dominant themes.

Exhibition curator: Ljiljana MiletiŠ AbramoviŠ MA, Museum Advisor, Department of Architecture