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Museum of Applied Art, Permanent exhibition

Exhibition author: Marija Bujić

November 6, 2004 - January 9, 2014.

Ambience ensemble, Biedermeier
First half of 19th century

Baroque, mid-18th century
Wood, marquetry (walnut root, box-wood, poplar, ash)
Dimensions 210 x 164 x 78 cm
MAA Inv. No. 56
November 6 is the date when the Museum of Applied Art traditionally organizes, on the day of its foundation, different representative and important thematic exhibitions from various avenues of professional research. This year the attention was directed to period furniture viewed through the techniques of its decoration, such as carving, intarsia, painting, marquetry, veneer etc. and displayed at the exhibition called Traces in the Wood.

The main exhibits come from the collection of wardrobes, otherwise rarely displayed due to their size and the space they require. The collection of cabinet-tabernacles has a particular importance owing to their extraordinary execution and skillful decoration, but also because of their origin and the fact that they belonged to eminent Belgrade families. Beside this collection, there are other pieces of furniture and objects of interior decoration whose beauty intensifies the noble quality of the wood.

Paris, Second half of 19th century
replica in the style of Louis XIII

The displayed exhibits were made between the fifteenth to the beginning of the twentieth century and come from diverse geographic areas, from Prizren to Rome and Paris , over Germany and Austria to Belgrade and beyond.

Ambience ensemble, Napoleon III
Second half of 19th century

The visual experience is complemented by specific sound effects and scents that recreate the atmosphere of bygone days and offer the audience a complete experience. We expect that the citizens of Belgrade will be interested in this exhibition of period furniture, as suggested by the results of a poll conducted last year among the visitors when furniture ranked first among the offered thematic exhibitions.

The Author of the exhibition, Marija Bujić, Senior Curator of the MAA, has also prepared a guide-catalogue. Its brief but fastidious text helps the visitors to get information on the exhibition in a simple and easy way.

Chair (part of a set)
Design by D.M. Inkiostri, 1906/7
Wood, leather
MAA Inv. No. 4834

Historicism, End of 19th century (signed N.P.)
Wood, glass painted in oil paints
Dimensions 150 x 64 x 34,5 cm
MAA Inv. No. 4390

Canape, detail
Around 1900s

Salon set (detail)
Napoleon III, Second half of 19th century
Wood, mother of pearl, marquetry
MAA Inv. No. 21380

Italy, Alpine-Lombard type, End of 15th century
Wood (walnut), treated and perforated tin, marquetry
Dimensions 42,5 x 86 x 47,5 cm
MAA Inv. No. 4375
Author of the exhibition: Marija Bujić, Senior Curator, Department of Period Furniture