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Lamps, Toys and Everything Else
by Nebojša Veselinović – Đura

April the 6 th to May the 6 th 2004 , MPU – Museum of Applied Art


The exhibition by Nebojša Veselinović Djura from April the 6 th to May the 6 th 2004 , at the Museum of Applied Art , ought to present to the audience in Belgrade the complete overview of the varied opus of this artist of applied arts, a man who, for years, worked much but displayed little. Previously he had two one man exhibitions at the gallery “Atrijum” in 1988, and at the “Gallery of Yugoslav Art” in 1996 and was a participant in several group exhibitions.

Nebojša Veselinović – Djura (born 1951) graduated at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade , Department of Ceramics. And, in the beginning of his career, ceramics was indeed the main preoccupation of this artist; he created imaginative objects (eating plates, dishes, similar kitchen vessels), dark green, with black stripes in which were hidden tiny animals of unknown origin. Then he proceeded to use brass, combining it with dark-green ceramics, making objects of incredible shapes and power. Soon Veselinović proceeded to explore other materials as well: glass, wood, mother-of-pearl, and plastics, making recognizable things but with extravagant details.


As Dragana Palavestra states in her text, in the catalog of this exhibition: “You are never sure how these odd objects, pieces of furniture or lamps, really function. Are they applied art, or some freak hybrids? Do the drawers of these little cupboards really open, or do they have dome other, surreal function?”

Undoubtedly, Nebojša Veselinović Djura is a master of his craft, a visionary and an esthete. The range of his creativity is enormous, and each of his objects becomes a peculiar, highly aestheticized work of art. His own person and figure being very remarkable to see, and his behavior and attitude being rather something special, he is, above all, a man with a great talent to convert anything into art. N.V. Djura has long since become a legend, and a marker of the artistic Belgrade .


Exhibition curator: Bojana Popović MA, Senior Curator