Zoran Blažina

October 14 - November 7, 2004.


Proposal for the Identity of Manifestation Belgrade Days in Wien, 2002


Identity of International Ceramics Triennial Cup 2003

Designconcept and Abstraction, the exhibition of our renown and recognized graphic designer Zoran Blažina is the ninth exhibition in his very productive artistic career. The works from his exceptionally rich opus, created during last five years are presented to the qualified audience and design admirers in the framework of the Salon of the Museum of Applied Art.

Using the metaphor Designconcept and Abstraction, Blažina endeavors to display his latest explorations in the field of design, as well as his personal reviews in the process of determining particular authorial handwriting. Exhibited works - trademarks and their applications, posters, billboards and selected segments from the wholes of visual identities - carried out from 1999 up today confirm that his approach to design is just partially pragmatic and market-oriented. His conception of design as art gives him impetus to make experiments in the course of creation and explore new possibilities in the shaping of a final product. Hence this exhibition spontaneously and sincerely shows different amplitudes of the author’s research moods.

Marijana Petrović Raić


Identity of Organ Festival 2003

Poster of Flute Festival 2000

Fashion is ephemeral while sensibility is durable. To perceive the sensibility of time in the creation of design means to sense color, sound, smell and taste of the things that have no color, no sound, no smell and no taste.

Outdooring – a fictitious gerund, the synonym of most aggressive aspect in imposing visual culture – it represents the end of human innermost mood and the beginning of environmental contamination by marketing.

Design? – An excellent artistic achievement but is also a profane aestheticism. Calculated and pragmatic being directed toward a market. Actually it is the vein of gold in applied art.

Sign - the foundation of graphic design, a face and clothes (beautiful or ugly). The means of visual identification. It impacts on subconsciousness.

Image or visual identity – an unconscious human need and a deliberate designer’s creation of positioning an individual within a market as healthy, professional, dependable and unavoidable.

Attitude – the product emerged from the existence of good sign and image. In visual communication attitude is character, a permanent quality of will and the manner of action. It makes any individual different from all others, and in psychological sense means duration, consistency of will and manner of action. It is a feature, substantial designation - SIGN. The circle is now complete.

Zoran Blažina


Exhibition Curator: Marijana Petrović Raić

Postaer of Chamber Music Spring Festival , 2001