Museum of Applied Art - Belgrade / THE FOURTH BIENNIAL OF STAGE DESIGN


5th – 30th September 2002



In the Museum of Applied Art in Beograd, YUSTAT presented, for the fourth time, the Yugoslav stage production at the Great exhibition, accompanied with an extensive catalog with 330 items listed. The Biennial categories remained unchanged, and so did the selection procedure. At the Great exhibition were presented the works most convenient for transfer from the theatrical stage into a gallery context; also presented was extensive documentation about numerous stage happenings in Serbia and Montenegro.

In the accompanying program was held the annual conference of the Governing Board and of the Publishing and Communication Committee (PCC) of the international organization OISTAT, with more than 30 participants from all over the world: from USA, Canada, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Great Britain, Finland, Sweden, Holland (Netherlands), Hungary, Bulgaria etc. One guest from Germany, Wolfgang Storch, professor at the Artistic Academy in Dusseldorf and author of the exhibition “Stage Eye” which was presented in Beograd as part of the Days of German Culture, held a workshop for the postgraduate students of the University of Arts. With this same group of students, Pamela Howard performed the play “Scenomanifesto” in the “Cinema Rex” (in Beograd); and, in cooperation with the Publishing House “Clio”, YUSTAT published a translation of her book What is Scenography? (Routledge, London, 2002) into Serbian language.

We should definitely not forget that between the Third and the Fourth Biennial, a group of experts gathered around YUSTAT founded a post-graduate course “A Group for Stage Design”, within the program of inter-disciplinary M.A. studies of the Beograd University of Arts. You will have the opportunity to see many of the works of the students of this program in the pages of this catalog; we believe that YUSTAT has, in this manner, taken part more directly than ever before in the Serbian stage production, thus approaching the proclaimed mission from the beginning of this text.