Museum of Applied Art - Belgrade / THE THIRD BIENNIAL OF STAGE DESIGN


7th – 30th September 2000



For the third time, in the Museum of Applied Art in Beograd , YUSTAT presented the Yugoslav stage production at the Great exhibition of a Biennial of Stage Design.

This exposition was particularly important for YUSTAT because it illustrated a period particularly difficult for the local artistic production, including the period of NATO intervention against the then Yugoslavia . Despite the general crisis of the production in the country, the Third Biennial selection was much wider than previous ones. The Selection Committee chose 292 works in five major categories.

In the program of the Biennial, in the “Atelier 212” theatre the YUSTAT realized, for the first time, one of its most important international projects: a multi-disciplinary symposium from the cycle “Spectacle – City – Identity”, titled that year “Balkan cities – the stages for the closing years of 20th century”. The program of the Third Biennial of Stage Design included the annual meeting of the Educational Committee of OISTAT, held in Beograd and Subotica. Besides a number of other public presentations within these conference programs, YUSTAT presented in Novi Sad the works of young scenographer Ms Aleksandra Zdravković; also the works from the students’ architectural competition “Balkan cities – the stages for the closing years of 20th century” in the Center for Cultural Decontamination in Beograd.