Muzej primenjene umetnosti - Beograd / 39. CHILDREN'S OCTOBER SALON





from a sketch to model with the help of the Museum and imagination


WORKSHOP: October 19 -22, 2004

EXHIBITION: October 19 – November 21, 2004


This year's 39th Children's October Salon was devoted to design and had „active workshops“ beside the traditional exhibition, held on the premises of the Museum. The realized creative work with children in the field of applied art and design confirmed that educational activity can be successfully enriched with museum themes. The workshop comprised several areas of design: interior and furniture, decorative and utilitarian objects, textiles, clothing and fashionable items, graphic design and the design of wrapping materials. The workshop participants prepared sketches for the „Memory“ game and their drawings were reproduced on the game cards. While learning about possible applications of their art works, the children took part in the implementation process of their own ideas, from sketches to completed product.


The concept and realization of the final product of the Workshop in the form of „Memory“ game were done in cooperation with Dušan Vuksan and Slobodan Manojlović, professors at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Department of Industrial Design. Ljiljana Perunović, elementary school level visual arts pedagogue and Mirjana Dimitrijević, pre-school level visual arts pedagogue were entrusted with the direct contact with the children.


A Selection Commission chose works for the first segment of the exhibition as well as workshop participants on the basis of the quality of the submitted works. There were thirty-six participants from Belgrade, Užice, Obrenovac, Subotica, Vršac, Lazarevac comprising both pre-school level and pupils from the first to the eight class of elementary school, aged five to fifteen years and accompanied with their visual arts pedagogues and parents.


The exhibition of the 39th Children's October Salon had three segments: a selection of works submitted to the conpetition, works made in the workshops and the works completed in the Palilula nursery schools under the supervision of Mirjana Dimitrijević and within the programme „Artworks in Children's World“ prepared by Vesna Janjević-Popović.

The curator of the exhibition and workshop: Angelina Folgić-Korjak