Museum of Applied Art - Belgrade / THE 26 th SALON OF ARCHITECTURE / AWARDS



The Jury of the 26th Salon of Architecture:

Milan Lojanica, member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Stojan Maksimović , Arch.
Professor Vasilije Milunović , Arch.
Goran Vojvodić, Arch.
Aleksandra Dabižić, Art Historian

has awarded the following prizes and awards:

GRAND PRIX of the Salon of Architecture

to Zoran RADOJIČIĆ and Dejan MILjKOVIĆ
and to Ivana MILENKOVIĆ (interior design),
for the all-round architectural, urbanistic and internal renewal of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade, 1997-2003

Architectural Award , for the high quality of interpolation in the urban milieu,
for the Eurocentar Office Building, Makedonska Street No. 30, Belgrade, 1994-2003

Architectural Award , for the shaping of architectural details and materials,
to Branislav REDŽIĆ, Dragan IVANOVIĆ and Zoran DjOROVIĆ
for the Prohouse commercial centre, Podgorica, 2003

Architectural Award , for harmonising the architectural concept and the interior design,
to Ružica SARIĆ and Jovan SARIĆ
for the Family House in Malog Radojice Street No. 19a, Belgrade, 2002-2003

Architectural Award , for a project involving the use of electronic media in investigating conceptual elements of the design,
to Petar ARSIĆ
and Associates: Danijela Mijović, Slavica Dakić, Milorad Povrenović and Tamara Povrenović
for the Olympic-sized pool complex, Vršac, 2003, project

Architectural Award , for the language of the artistic presentation of the architectural design of a competition project,
to Tamara PETROVIĆ and Miloš KOMLENIĆ
for the Dom seniora home for senior citizens, Valjevo, 2003, competition design

Urbanism Award , for the structure of the subjects and the interpretation of the chosen solution in a competition design,
for the Right bank of the river Nišava in Niš, 2003, competition design

 Architectural Heritage Award , for the interpretation of historical memory and careful intervention in a protected zone,
to the AGM Group: Marjan DjULINAC, Borislav PETROVIĆ, Ivan RAŠKOVIĆ, Aleksandar TOMIĆ and Nada JELIĆ, and conceptual design co-author Blagota PEŠIĆ
for the new Residential building in the Banjska Monastery, Banjska, 2003

Student Work Award , for the results achieved in response to a design problem of a high level of complexity,
to Aleksandar V. PETROVIĆ
for the Museum of Music in Blok 15, Novi Beograd, 2003, graduation essay

Publishing Award , for the conception and editorial physiognomy of a series of recent issues of the magazine,
to FORUM PLUS - the magazine of the Association of Architects of Serbia

The selection was conducted on 25 and 26 February 2004 in the Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade. 

The jury of ULUPUDS (the Applied Arts and Designers Association of Serbia):

Dijana Milašinović Marić, M.A.
Milena Obradović, Arch.
Ivan Ratkovic, Arch.  

has awarded the following prizes:

Interior Design Award ,
to Redžep ĆOROVIĆ,
for the interior design of the Café 786 in Novi Pazar , for the carefully conceived design of a catering outlet injecting a contemporary spirit into the local environment.

Artistic Fusion Award ,
to Petar ARSIĆ,
for the Olympic-sized pool complex, Vršac, 2003, a project which in the opinion of the Jury represents an excellent synthesis of function and artistic expression as well as the manner of presentation, i.e., the design.    

Award for the Artistic Qualities of a Modern Architectural Design ,
to Andrej KALAMAR,
for the Lev office building, Ljubljana, Slovenia, expansion of the Hotel Lev, a building whose artistic, urbanistic and architectural qualities serve to brighten and invigorate the urban milieu.      

 The selection was conducted on 27 February 2004 in the Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade.