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In charge of the Department: Mila Gajić, Senior Curator

Shortly after the foundation of the Museum of Applied Art an additional department was created and allotted to the historical and stylistic study of metalwork. The nucleus was the collection of metal artefacts complied by the artist and collector Ljuba Ivanovic. With new acquisitions and gifts these collections were expanded and enriched over the subsequent years. Nowadays, the Metal and Jewellery Department possesses around 5000 objects and its main feature is the diversity of its collections and the great time span they cover (from the classical antiquity to the beginning of the twentieth century).

Alongside the objects in ordinary and precious metals, these collections keep articles executed in precious materials (mother of pearl, ivory, bone, precious stones…) This department is not only renowned for its collection of classical gemme and cameos, Medieval Serbian coins, crosses, metal belt buckles, belts decorative and everyday utensils, but primarily for its vast collection of Serbian Medieval jewellery where the compilation of rings is most comprehensive. The artefacts in the collections of this department originate mainly from the territory of Serbia and the neighbouring countries, from Central Europe and to a lesser degree from the countries of Western Europe. There are only a few objects from the Middle and Far East. The collections from this department were researched and published not only by the scholars from the Museum, but also by their colleagues from similar local and foreign institutions.

The Departmeent has a Jewellery Centre since 1977. Its aim is to gather the experts from different fields, artists, collectors and all others who are in some way engaged in jewellery.