Thurible and incense burner

Dubrovnik, late 15th – early 16th century

Silver, hammered, chiseled, punctured

thurible - R 13,3 cm, h 23,2 cm;

incense burner - h 12,3 cm, width 6,5 cm, length 16 cm

MAA Inv. No. 17691 and 17692

This thurible with a stylized Gothic phial on its top, together with and incense burner – navicula – is decorated by hammering using a matrix. Decoration of both objects consists of a dotted, punctured phon, plastically emphasized chick-pea vine and a series of circles on the edge of the objects.

This is a syncretic kind of decoration, very common during the Middle Ages in Balkan states; Eastern influences intertwine, seen in the way floral decoration is treated, combined with somewhat sophisticated Gothic influences (the turret on the incense burner), which would all together come out as a style of its own by the end of the 16th and during the 17th century in the region of Herzegovinian diocese.

The comparison with similar objects preserved in other collections, together with a clear demonstration of stylistic characteristics common for that period in that large centre allows us to assume that these objects were manufactured in a Dubrovnik workshop.